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Super Talent PC2-8000 Dual Channel Kit Review

Date: 2006-10-28

   Final Thoughts & ConclusionAs you can see the Super Talent memory was a great performer even on our Intel Core 2 Duo platform. DDR2 memory typically clocks better on AMD's AM2 platform but reac...

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Super Talent - New Heat Spreaders and Higher Speeds

Just a few months ago Legit Reviews took their first look at products from Super Talent, their T800UX2GC4 PC2-6400 memory kit. Today we take another look at high end Super Talent DDRII memory, the Super Talent PC8000 T1000UX2G4. Those of you coming over from DDR I may find the naming convention a bit confusing for DDR II, what we have here today is DDRII memory rated for operation at 1GHz. While this is no speed record it's rated at very impressive timings of 4-5-4-15 which means this memory is still capable of keeping even the most bandwidth hungry systems flying along. It's also worth noting that 1GHz is not yet an official specification unlike DDR-667 and  DDR-800. That means in order to get the most out of this memory, at least for now, you'll have to spend some time in the BIOS overclocking your memory and processor.

Over the last few weeks DDR2 prices have been shooting up so it refreshing to see Super Talent keeping their prices within reach. However with Micron D9 yields getting worse it's hard to say how long they will be able to keep prices in check, since almost every high-end kit is using D9.

Super Talent stands behind their product with an outstanding warranty. The T1000UX2G4 memory kit comes backed with a full lifetime warranty. Super Talent Technology's DDR and DDR2 system memory modules are fully covered for the life of the product, but the warranty claim may be asserted by the buyer only. The Super Talent warranty does not talk about overclocking and voltages, so we contacted Super Talent to see what the deal was. We were informed that if the memory fails during use then return it for a new set, since we are looking at overclocking memory it seems to be fully covered even if we push it a bit too far. I don't believe that Super Talent will keep their warranty like this forever, but for a company trying to get in the enthusiast market a full warranty sure is a great selling point. If anything ever goes wrong with the modules you have to fill out this RMA request form and e-mail it in to Super Talent. If modules ever do go bad Super Talent told Legit Reviews that the problem modules need to be sent to their US office and will be replaced locally here the states.

Let's take a look at the memory we have for the review!

Super Talent PC2-8000 Dual Channel Kit Review

Super Talent has sent us their 2GB kit and says that it is aimed squarely at enthusiasts and overclockers. While the specs don't quite measure up to the specs of the Corsair Dominator or OCZ PC8800, it's rated to run at lower voltage. The pair of sticks that we have here come wrapped in the brand new "HE" heat spreaders that Super Talent will be using with all of their DDR & DDRII overclocking memory.

Super Talent PC2-8000 Dual Channel Kit Review

As you can see the heat spreaders are a nice looking blue aluminum with "Super Talent" standing out in polished aluminum. The heat spreaders are thermally bonded to each side of the DIMM and are not connected over the top like others. This provides a bit more room for air to flow underneath the spreader and the PCB. Not only do they look good, the heat spreaders work. Using up to 2.2v through our memory we encountered no problems after stressing it for hours with only the heat sink to provide a slight airflow across them.

Since we weren't able to remove the heat spreaders we got word from Super Talent that these new PC2 8000 sticks are shipping with Micron D9GKX IC's which are the current cream of the crop and carry an MSRP of $429. Current availability is a concern as we weren't able to find this memory for sale. Let's get to the testing!

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