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Corsair Dominator PC2-8500 Kit Review

Date: 2008-2-15

   Here is a look at the Test bed Specifications used for this review. For the overclocked portion we settled on a CPU frequency of 3.37GHz and memory speed of PC2-1125 MHz. Once we broke above ...

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We've seen a lot of kits of memory from the likes of OCZ and Mushkin recently but Corsair has been rather silent. Today We is taking a look at the latest 4GB kit of DDR2 from our friends at Corsair. This latest kit contains 4 x 1GB sticks of PC2-8500 designed to run at 1066MHz.

Corsair's latest high performance heatsink uses something called Dual-Path Heat Xchange. This combined with the additional cooling provided by the Corsair Dominator Airflow Fan allow these parts to run at 1066 MHz at 2.2v VDIMM and remain cool. While most manufacturers have settled on putting out 2 x 2GB kits of PC2-6400 Corsair is determined to take over the high end of the market with this 4GB kit of PC2-1066.

Here is a look at the package I received from Corsair containing this monstrous kit of memory.

Corsair Dominator PC2-8500 Kit Review

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