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 Top 10 DRAM Suppliers in Q3 2006 Revealed
According to research firms DRAMeXchange and iSuppli, Samsung Electronics and Qimonda AG have managed to retain leading positions in the memory, just as the vast majority of the Top 10 me...
(2006-11-29) [Read Detail]
 OCZ Launches 1150MHz Memory Modules
OCZ Technology Group, a well-known maker of memory products for enthusiasts and overclockers, on Monday unveiled its new memory modules designed for those, who call themselves hardcore en...
(2006-11-21) [Read Detail]
 OCZ Puts Fans on Memory Modules
In a bid to offer performance enthusiasts better memory solutions, OCZ Technology has unveiled its new eXtreme thermal convection (XTC) memory cooler that is designed to actively cool-dow...
(2006-11-17) [Read Detail]
 Corsair Installs Dual-Path Heat Exchange ominator?Coolers on PC2-6400
Corsair Memory, a leading producer of memory modules for enthusiasts, has unveiled its new 800MHz memory modules that carry advanced dual-path heat exchange cooling systems, potentially a...
(2006-11-02) [Read Detail]
 Memory Module Market to Grow 12% in 2006 ?Research
The market of memory modules may grow 12% this year compared to 2005, according to the latest findings of market research firm DRAMeXchange. Among the top 20 of the world's largest makers...
(2006-08-01) [Read Detail]
 Samsung Shows Off Next-Gen Memory Modules
Samsung Electronics, the world's largest maker of memory modules, demonstrated at Intel Developer Forum (IDF) its memory modules based on the DDR3 devices. The company confirmed that Inte...
(2006-04-15) [Read Detail]

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 New DDR3-1600 and DDR3-1800 for Overclocking Fans
Mushkin Inc. that has been a little slower in joining the overclocker DDR3 manufacturers today announced XP3 series of their DDR3 SDRAM modules. According to the official press-release: &ldquo...
(2008-03-07) [Read Detail]
 Kingston Overclocks DDR3 Memory Modules to 2 13GHz
Kinston Technology, a leading supplier of memory modules, demonstrated on Thursday its ability to overclock its HyperX DDR3 memory modules to unprecedented clock-speed with the help of a mainb...
(2008-02-29) [Read Detail]
 Corsair to Release 2 0GHz Memory Modules for Enthusiasts
Corsair Memory, one of the leading suppliers of advanced high-performance memory modules, said this week that it would launch 2.0GHz memory modules for high-end personal computers this quarter...
(2008-02-21) [Read Detail]
 Intel and STM Reach ey Milestone?with Phase Change Memory
Intel Corp. and STMicroelectronics on Wednesday announced that they have begun shipping samples of Phase Change Memory (PCM) chips to undisclosed customers. The prototypes are the first functi...
(2008-02-08) [Read Detail]
 Intel and Micro Create New NAND Flash Memory Technology
Intel Corp. and Micron Technology today unveiled a high speed NAND flash memory technology that can greatly enhance the access and transfer of data in devices that use silicon for storage. The...
(2008-02-05) [Read Detail]
 Qimonda Becomes Third XDR Memory Maker
Qimonda AG, a leading producer of various memory products, said this week it had begun to deliver samples of its XDR memory chips to undisclosed customers. As a result, Qimonda became the thir...
(2008-01-20) [Read Detail]
 PNY Agrees to Pay Royalties to Sandisk
PNY Technologies, a well-known supplier of graphics cards, flash and random access memory modules, said this week it agreed to pay royalties to Sandisk Corp., a large supplier of flash-based p...
(2008-01-05) [Read Detail]
 DDR3 2000MHz Memory Modules Become Real
While a lot of memory module manufacturers have been talking about DDR3 clock-speeds of about 2.0GHz and beyond, not many have so far managed to introduce such blazingly fast memory. However, ...
(2007-12-25) [Read Detail]
 Micron Starts to Use 68nm Process Technology, Touts Low-Power DDR2, Extreme DDR3 Performance
Micron Technology, a leading producer of dynamic random access memory (DRAM), recently announced that it would start to mass produce DDR2 memory using 68nm fabrication process early next year ...
(2007-12-20) [Read Detail]
 Toshiba Licenses XDR Memory for Use Within HDTV Chipset
Toshiba Corp., a leading designer and producer of consumer electronics, this week said that it had licensed XDR memory technology from Rambus, a leading designer of dynamic random access memor...
(2007-12-20) [Read Detail]
 Samsung Sells Memory for Graphics Cards at Huge Discount
Certain undisclosed sources, which are presumably from Taiwan-based makers of dynamic random access memory (DRAM), accused Samsung Electronics, the No. 1 maker of memory in the world, of selli...
(2007-12-19) [Read Detail]
 Intel Enters the Market of Solid-State Drives for Integration
Intel Corp., who is a relatively minor player on the market of NAND flash, on Monday announced its entry into the market of flash-based solid-state drives (SSD). The first products by the comp...
(2007-12-18) [Read Detail]
 Toshiba Aims SSDs as Part of Further Flash Market Expansion
Toshiba Corp. one of the world’s largest producers of flash memory, on Monday said that in 2008 it would enter the market of solid state drives (SSD) with up to 128GB offerings. With mor...
(2007-12-12) [Read Detail]
 Memory Manufacturers Want More Balanced Demand and Supply in 2008
The market of dynamic random access memory (DRAM) is a complex eco-system, where each player has to find a right balance of manufacturing costs, production output, capital expenditures, bit gr...
(2007-12-12) [Read Detail]
 Samsung and Toshiba Share NAND Flash Specs
Samsung Electronics and Toshiba Corp., two of the world’s largest suppliers of NAND flash memory,  said on Monday that they have licensed to one another the rights to produce, marke...
(2007-12-05) [Read Detail]
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