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 Apple Reportedly Readies Blu-Ray Equipped Computers
In a an attempt to offer Macintosh uses high definition videos, following Toshiba, Sony and others, Apple Computer is expected to release its first systems with Blu-ray drives in the begi...
(2006-11-23) [Read Detail]
 16GB in Your Wallet
We have already introduced to you the DRAM memory modules from the Taiwanese PQI company in our Memory section. Like most other Taiwanese memory makers, PQI have also gone into the flash ...
(2006-04-29) [Read Detail]
 Plextor's External HDDs Withstand Shocks and Bumps
Plextor Corp., a leading maker of digital media equipment, has unveiled its PX-SP series hard disk drives that come equipped with special jackets that absorb drops or bumps and provide hi...
(2006-04-19) [Read Detail]
Creative today announced the official opening of its first Creative Store at Marina Square - right in the heart of one of Singapores busiest and most vibrant shopping belts.
(2006-03-31) [Read Detail]
 OCZ Unveils USB Rally Flash Product Series
OCZ Technology Group, a leading maker of memory modules targeted at performance enthusiasts, announced this week its lineup of USB 2.0 flash drives, which, the company claims, are the fas...
(2005-09-03) [Read Detail]
 Pioneer's Blu-Ray Disc Recorder for PC Already Exists
Pioneer Electronics, a supporter of Blu-ray standard, will make Blu-ray burners that can read and record typical DVDs as well as BDs, and it is expected that the device is likely to hit t...
(2005-08-31) [Read Detail]

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 Samsung Creates 256GB SSD with Unprecedented 200MB/s Read Speed
Samsung Electronics, a leading maker of flash memory, has unveiled so far the world’s fastest solid state drive (SSD) with unprecedented read and write speeds. Samsung claims that its ac...
(2008-05-28) [Read Detail]
 Mainstream PCs May Get Blu-Ray Drives This Year
Even though consumers do not rapidly adopt Blu-ray disc (BD) standalone players, makers of personal computers (PCs) plan to install BD drives into mainstream personal computers sometime in the...
(2008-05-24) [Read Detail]
 Analysts Expect DVD to Dominate in PC Space Till 2012, Despite of Blu-Ray Ramp
Despite the ramp of Blu-ray drives, DVD burners will continue to be the leading volume product until 2012, according to analysts from IDC. There are a number of reasons for that: Blu-ray burne...
(2008-05-16) [Read Detail]
 Super Talent Reveals New Solid State Drive with up to 120GB Capacity
Super Talent, a leading supplier of memory products, has announced its new series of solid state drives (SSDs) that boast with higher performance as well as up to 120GB capacity. The new drive...
(2008-05-07) [Read Detail]
 PMC-Sierra and Hitachi Achieve 6Gb/s SAS Interoperability
PMC-Sierra and Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (Hitachi GST) this week announced that the companies successfully achieved interoperability between PMC-Sierra's end-to-end Serial Attached S...
(2008-05-04) [Read Detail]
 Seagate Expects to Sell Another Billion of Hard Drives within Five Years
Seagate Technology, the company that owns the largest share on the hard disk drive (HDD) market, said on Tuesday that it had shipped its one billionth hard drive. The respectable number of HDD...
(2008-04-23) [Read Detail]
 Western Digital Unveils 300GB VelocitiRaptor Hard Drives
Western Digital, a leading producer of hard disk drives, announced its new high-performance VelociRaptor hard drive that will appeal to both enterprise and enthusiast customers. The new versio...
(2008-04-22) [Read Detail]
 Hitachi Releases 450GB Hard Drive with 15K Spindle Speed
Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, a leading designer of hard disk drives, on Thursday unveiled the world’s first hard disk drive (HDDs) for enterprises with 15000rpm spindle speed and...
(2008-04-18) [Read Detail]
 STEC Claims It Has Not Infringed Seagate's Patents
STEC, a designer, manufacturer and marketer of solid state drives (SSDs), said Tuesday that it has received notice of a lawsuit brought by Seagate Technology that allege the company of patent ...
(2008-04-16) [Read Detail]
 Seagate Accuses SSD Maker of Patent Infringement
Seagate Technologies, the world’s largest manufacturer of hard disk drives, on Monday filed a lawsuit against STEC Inc. (formerly Simple Tech), a company that designs and manufacturers f...
(2008-04-15) [Read Detail]
 EMC to Acquire Iomega
Just a few months after Iomega Corp. announced plans to acquire hard drive maker ExcelStor, EMC, an information infrastructure solutions company, said it would take over Iomega, which speciali...
(2008-04-11) [Read Detail]
 Seagate Says It Has ecret Weapon?Against SSDs ?Patents
Even though solid-state drives (SSDs) are not even close as popular storage solution compared to traditional hard disk drives (HDDs), chief executive of Seagate, the world’s largest make...
(2008-03-26) [Read Detail]
 WD Media to Stop Selling Platters to Hitachi, Seagate
Western Digital, a leading maker of hard disk drives and the owner of Komag company that specializes on manufacturing on platters for hard disk drives, announced that starting from May, 2008, ...
(2008-03-26) [Read Detail]
 Western Digital Launches World's Highest Capacity Dual-Platter Drive
Western Digital, a leading producer of hard disk drives (HDDs), on Wednesday unveiled its new hard drive that offers unprecedented capacity with only two platters, which means lower noise, low...
(2008-03-20) [Read Detail]
 OCZ Unveils SSDs with Exceptional Speed
OCZ Technology, a leading supplier of random access memory modules and flash-based product, on Wednesday unveiled its latest solid-state drives (SSDs) with performance that by far exceeds the ...
(2008-03-14) [Read Detail]
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