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 Apple Reportedly Readies Blu-Ray Equipped Computers
In a an attempt to offer Macintosh uses high definition videos, following Toshiba, Sony and others, Apple Computer is expected to release its first systems with Blu-ray drives in the begi...
(2006-11-23) [Read Detail]
 16GB in Your Wallet
We have already introduced to you the DRAM memory modules from the Taiwanese PQI company in our Memory section. Like most other Taiwanese memory makers, PQI have also gone into the flash ...
(2006-04-29) [Read Detail]
 Plextor's External HDDs Withstand Shocks and Bumps
Plextor Corp., a leading maker of digital media equipment, has unveiled its PX-SP series hard disk drives that come equipped with special jackets that absorb drops or bumps and provide hi...
(2006-04-19) [Read Detail]
Creative today announced the official opening of its first Creative Store at Marina Square - right in the heart of one of Singapore£ªs busiest and most vibrant shopping belts.
(2006-03-31) [Read Detail]
 OCZ Unveils USB Rally Flash Product Series
OCZ Technology Group, a leading maker of memory modules targeted at performance enthusiasts, announced this week its lineup of USB 2.0 flash drives, which, the company claims, are the fas...
(2005-09-03) [Read Detail]
 Pioneer's Blu-Ray Disc Recorder for PC Already Exists
Pioneer Electronics, a supporter of Blu-ray standard, will make Blu-ray burners that can read and record typical DVDs as well as BDs, and it is expected that the device is likely to hit t...
(2005-08-31) [Read Detail]

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 Plextor Faces Reorganization As Parent Company Takes Over
As announced earlier this year, Plextor on the 30th of August officially transferred its optical drive business to Shinano Kenshi, an industrial group in Japan. Sales of Plextor-branded device...
(2007-09-01) [Read Detail]
 Seagate's Chief Exec Denies Plans to Sell Off the Company
Seagate Technology on Tuesday dashed its chief executive's comments made in an interview regarding the potential sale of the world's largest chipmaker to an unnamed Chinese technology company....
(2007-08-30) [Read Detail]
 The World's No 1 Maker of Hard Drives May Be Acquired
The chief executive of Seagate Technology, the world's largest maker of hard disk drives (HDDs), said in an interview that a ¤€hinese technology company?approached the maker of hard drives wit...
(2007-08-28) [Read Detail]
 Seagate Goes Solid State Drives Market
Even though flash-based solid state drives (SSDs) do not offer capacities common for magnetic media-based hard disk drives (HDDs), the SSD market is growing pretty rapidly and has all chances ...
(2007-08-24) [Read Detail]
 Toshiba Puts 32GB at a Fingertip
Toshiba Corp., a leading maker of consumer electronics, announced on Thursday its new Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) memory cards that can hold up to 32GB of data and are the first of the...
(2007-08-24) [Read Detail]
 Toshiba Announces World's First 320GB Drive for Portable Applications
Toshiba Corp. on Tuesday announced a new lineup of hard disk drives (HDDs) for mobile or portable applications that offer either increased capacities or leading performance. One of the hard dr...
(2007-08-22) [Read Detail]
 New Details from Home Media Research
According to the recent research performed by Home Media Magazine, the movies on Blu-ray disks were selling twice as good in the first half of this as the movies on optical?HD DVD media, Reute...
(2007-08-16) [Read Detail]
 Fujitsu to Create Nanohole Patterned Media
A notebook hard disk drive with 1.2TB storage capacity may become reality in the nearest future. And the recent results of Fujitsu's research of ideally ¥Krdered?alumina nanohole patterned med...
(2007-08-14) [Read Detail]
 WD Reduces Power Consumption by 40% on New Hard Drives
Western Digital on Monday revealed a new lineup of its hard disk drives (HDDs) that feature reduced power consumption, which lowers their cost of ownership and preserves energy, thus helping t...
(2007-07-24) [Read Detail]
 LG Releases New Blu-ray/HD DVD Optical Drives for PCs
LG Electronics, a leading maker of consumer electronics, has reportedly announced its second-generation hybrid optical disk drives for personal computers (PCs). The novelties can read all four...
(2007-07-21) [Read Detail]
 Infineon Readies Serial ATA-600 Interface
Infineon Technologies AG, a leading semiconductor developer, and Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, a leading producer of hard disk drives (HDDs), on Friday unveiled their new read/write cha...
(2007-07-03) [Read Detail]
 WD to Take Over Komag
The world's No. 2 maker of hard disk drives (HDDs), Western Digital Corp., and Komag, Inc., a leading producer of optical media platters for hard drives, announced on Thursday that the two com...
(2007-06-30) [Read Detail]
 Japanese Platter Makers Tout 320GB Mobile Hard Drives
Two makers of perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) platters for hard disk drives (HDDs) said recently they had started to produce platters with leading capacities that enable creation of 1TB...
(2007-06-27) [Read Detail]
 Seagate Announces New 1TB Hard Drives
Seagate Technology, the world's largest producer of hard disk drives (HDDs), on Monday unveiled several new hard drives that feature the world's highest capacity to date as well as several imp...
(2007-06-26) [Read Detail]
 IDC Expects DVD to Dominate Till 2011
Leading research firm IDC expects contemporary DVD standard to remain dominant for another four years, whereas blue laser-based Blu-ray and HD DVD formats will not be that popular because of r...
(2007-06-23) [Read Detail]
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