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 If You Really Want It - You Can Do It
I believe our regular readers already know that SLI support can be enabled for Intel chipsets if you modify the Nvidia graphics card drivers accordingly. It is pretty hard to find modifie...
(2006-06-27) [Read Detail]
 More on Intel Kentsfield
Of course, those readers who are interested in the new generation Intel processors would hardly be satisfied with Kentsfield screenshots only. Everyone wanted to see some real overclockin...
(2006-06-23) [Read Detail]
 Voltmodding and Liquid Nitrogen Work Wonders
As we have already seen, the overclocking potential of Conroe processors improves every time they switch to a new core stepping. However, the range of supported nominal frequency multipli...
(2006-06-23) [Read Detail]
 Intel offers Overclockers 50%-60% Frequency Gain
Now that there is so much stir around the upcoming Conroe processors launch, some overclockers may have forgotten that there have recently appeared 0.065micron Celeron D models that are s...
(2006-06-23) [Read Detail]
 Intel's Quad-Core on the Way!
We never doubted that there were engineering samples of the Kentsfield processor out there. They have already been briefly shown at Intel's booth during Computex 2006 and have also been f...
(2006-06-23) [Read Detail]
 Budget Solution for Overclocking Fans?
3600+ model is the today's top Sempron processor in Socket AM2 form-factor. It works at 2.0GHz, features 256MB L2 cache and supports dual-channel DDR2-667 memory. The majority of the pote...
(2006-06-07) [Read Detail]

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 Europe Agrees with Acer and Packard Bell Merge
The European Commission has approved under the EU Merger Regulation the proposed acquisition of the Dutch-based company Packard Bell by Taiwan-based personal computers manufacturer Acer. Pract...
(2008-02-29) [Read Detail]
 AMD Announces Chip Manufacturing Tech Breakthrough, Gets Close to 22nm Process Tech
Advanced Micro Devices and IBM announced that they had produced a working test chip utilizing extreme ultra-violet (EUV) lithography for the critical first layer of metal connections across th...
(2008-02-28) [Read Detail]
 Sharp and Sony sign Memorandum of Intent to create Joint Venture
Sharp Corp. and Sony Corp. announced that today they signed a non-binding memorandum of intent to establish a joint venture to produce and sell large sized LCD panels and modules, by splitting...
(2008-02-27) [Read Detail]
 AMD Announces Chip Manufacturing Tech Breakthrough, Gets Closet to 22nm Process Tech
Advanced Micro Devices and IBM announced that they had produced a working test chip utilizing extreme ultra-violet (EUV) lithography for the critical first layer of metal connections across th...
(2008-02-27) [Read Detail]
 Game Developers, Hardware Makers Form PC Gaming Alliance
Video game market has been growing really quickly in the past few years and it is likely that more people will join the game community going forward. However, there is a trend that many gamers...
(2008-02-21) [Read Detail]
 Toshiba Gets Control over Sony's Semiconductor Manufacturing for $832 million
Sony Corp., Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) and Toshiba Corp. on Wednesday officially agreed to form semiconductor manufacturing joint-venture that will be controlled by Toshiba and wi...
(2008-02-21) [Read Detail]
 Yahoo! Decides Not to Accept Microsoft's Takeover Proposal
Yahoo! on Monday released a statement claiming that it will not accept acquisition proposal of Microsoft Corp. because the world’s largest maker of software offered a bid substantially b...
(2008-02-12) [Read Detail]
 Dell Excludes Certain AMD-Based PCs from Online Store
Dell, one of the largest suppliers of personal computers, has reduced the number of AMD-based system it sells online via its web-site. While the news may be considered as a negative one for AM...
(2008-02-12) [Read Detail]
 Microsoft ?Yahoo! Alliance Threatens the Internet, Thinks Google
Google, the world’s largest Internet search system, said on Monday that the possible acquisition of Yahoo!, which owns the globe’s leading portal, by Microsoft Corp. thre...
(2008-02-05) [Read Detail]
 Microsoft Proposes to Take Over Yahoo! Again
Microsoft Corp., the world’s largest maker of software, has announced that it had made a proposal to the Yahoo! board of directors to acquire all the outstanding shares of Yahoo! common ...
(2008-02-05) [Read Detail]
 Intel Says It Uses More reen Energy?than Anyone
Intel Corp. said this week it will purchase more than 1.3 billion kilowatt hours a year of renewable energy certificates as part of a multi-faceted approach to reduce its impact on the environ...
(2008-02-02) [Read Detail]
 Another LCD Consortium Created in Japan
As the world is in process of transition to HDTV (high-definition television), the demand towards high-quality screens, such as LCD (liquid crystal displays) or plasma, rises and in order to f...
(2008-02-01) [Read Detail]
 Asus Eee Lineup Gets Desktop, HDTV-Set, All-In-One Desktop
Asustek Computer, a leading maker of personal computers and computer parts, announced on Wednesday a lineup of various devices that will be marketed under Eee trademark. The family will includ...
(2008-01-31) [Read Detail]
 Futuremark Announces the Futuremark Games Studio
Normally creators of various video games build-in benchmarks into their titles in order to held determining necessary hardware to play their game. Hence, game creators become benchmark designe...
(2008-01-31) [Read Detail]
 Microsoft's Next-Generation OS May Be Delayed
Microsoft Corp., the world’s leading maker of software, is rumoured to release its next-generation operating system (OS) much later than it was expected originally. The reasons for the p...
(2008-01-30) [Read Detail]
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