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 Nintendo Admits Wii Problems
Leading game console manufacturer Nintendo Co. on Friday said it would replace straps for wireless controllers of Wii game machine that are subject to break off. The company also released...
(2006-12-18) [Read Detail]
 Microsoft Promises to Sell Over 10 Million Xbox 360 by Year End
Microsoft Corp., the world's largest developer of software and the Xbox game console producer, said Wednesday it expected to have sold more than 10 million of Xbox 360 gaming machines, up...
(2006-12-08) [Read Detail]
 40% of Record Label's Sales Will Come from Digital Music by 2010
A research firm said this week that the market of digital music would grow six times in several years and would reach $14.9 billion by 2010. Sales of digital music will account for over o...
(2006-11-25) [Read Detail]
 HD DVD Widely Available, Less Expensive than Blu-Ray
Affected by product delays and other issues, Blu-ray still has not outperformed HD DVD format amid higher amount of movie studios and consumer electronics companies that support the stand...
(2006-11-23) [Read Detail]
 PlayStation 3 ?An Engineering Masterpiece, Analysts Say
Sony PlayStation 3 game console is finally released and analysts say that the game console offers performance of a supercomputer, however, dissection of the console reveals that Sony Comp...
(2006-11-18) [Read Detail]
 Blu-Ray, HD DVD to Have 53 7% of DVD Market in 6 Years
A recently released report from a Monterey, California-based research firm claims that by 2009 there will be almost no video cassette recorders in use, whereas high definition digital vid...
(2006-10-12) [Read Detail]

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 Intel Plans to Start Selling $250 - $350 Laptops on Developed Markets
Intel Corp., the world's largest maker of x86 microprocessors, said late on Wednesday that its partners among computer makers planned to start selling low-cost mobile computers originally crea...
(2008-03-20) [Read Detail]
 Video Game Console Sales Surprise in February
Sales of video game consoles in the USA in February were up compared to the previous month, according to a report from NPD market tracking firm. The fact is quite surprising as usually sales d...
(2008-03-19) [Read Detail]
 Acer Wants to Challenge Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony
Acer, a leading maker of personal computers, said at a press conference recently that one of the projects that it was working on was an open-standard video game system. The company did not unv...
(2008-03-19) [Read Detail]
 DVD Forum to Detail Network Connectivity Specifications for DVD
At the 41st DVD Forum Steering Committee meeting several decisions were made with the most significant one being declaration of intention to include Internet connectivity into DVD players and ...
(2008-03-15) [Read Detail]
 Microsoft Has to Support Blu-Ray, But Not with Xbox 360, For Now
Microsoft Corp. cannot afford the luxury of staying away from the market of high-definition video, but this does not mean that it will embrace Blu-ray disc (BD) format right away.Following the...
(2008-03-13) [Read Detail]
 Asus Releases 24?Display with Built-In Webcam, Microphone, Speakers
Large liquid crystal displays are often used by professionals who hardly require any communication capabilities out of their displays, but as huge panels lose price, even 24” monitors ma...
(2008-03-13) [Read Detail]
 No Info on the USA Yet
Microsoft today announced it is lowering the estimated retail price (ERP) for its Xbox 360 family of consoles in Europe.From Friday, 14th March, Xbox 360, which includes a 20GB hard drive and ...
(2008-03-11) [Read Detail]
 Sony Mentions Negotiations with Microsoft and Apple
According to Financial Times, Sony is talking to its competitor in the gaming consoles market, Microsoft Corporation, about the possibility to equip their Xbox solutions with Blu-Ray drives. A...
(2008-03-08) [Read Detail]
 Gaming Innovation Converts Electroencephalograph Signals into Keystrokes
OCZ Technology announced today that their innovative gaming manipulator, the Neural Impulse Actuator (NIA) has got into mass production and should launch into channel imminently. A prototype w...
(2008-03-04) [Read Detail]
 NME Says HD VMD Now Has Chances to Get Market Share
Right after Toshiba Corp. said it would withdrew from the high-definition format war by stopping production of its HD DVD equipment, Sony- and Philips-backed Blu-ray disc (BD) instantly became...
(2008-03-01) [Read Detail]
 Sony Launches PS3 80GB with New Bundle
Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) officially announced new Sony PlayStation 3 80GB product bundle. The video game system features a new game controller as well as included game, howev...
(2008-03-01) [Read Detail]
 Microsoft Sales Last HD DVD Drives for Xbox 360
Microsoft Corp. has officially cut the price of its HD DVD add-on player for its Xbox 360 game console to about $50 following the recent decision to discontinue the drive because of Toshiba&rs...
(2008-02-29) [Read Detail]
 Blu-Ray Has No Clearamce to Take off with Dreamworks
Despite of the fact that no HD DVD equipment will be provided by its main supporters Microsoft Corp. and Toshiba Corp., which means that the format is set to vanish into oblivion, Dreamworks s...
(2008-02-29) [Read Detail]
 Microsoft Drops Support of HD DVD Format
Just a week after Toshiba Corp. decided to cease manufacturing of its HD DVD-supporting equipment, Microsoft Corp. announced decision to discontinue HD DVD add-on drive for Xbox 360 game conso...
(2008-02-26) [Read Detail]
 Havok Offers Core Physics free for PC Game Developers
Havok, a subsidiary of Intel Corp. and a leading developer of physics technologies for video games, has announced that the company will offer the PC version of its physics and animation softwa...
(2008-02-26) [Read Detail]
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