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 Plextor PX-760A Dual-Layer DVD Burner Review
Closer LookThere are no extraordinary traits about the appearance of the device. However, the manufacturer has done something to ¥Anliven?it visually. There is a horizontal line going a...
(2006-12-21) [Read Detail]
 500GB HDD Shootout
Time is unstoppable, but lately it has been going on at such a rate that we seem unable to catch up with it. But it's even worse for those who are not trying to. Let's make an attempt t...
(2006-11-02) [Read Detail]
 500GB HDD Shootout: Seagate Barracuda 72and Others!
Time is unstoppable, but lately it has been going on at such a rate that we seem unable to catch up with it. But it's even worse for those who are not trying to. Let's make an attempt t...
(2006-11-01) [Read Detail]
 ICY Dock MB453 SPF External HDD Enclosure Review
I believe that nothing depraves the today's computer users more than unlimited Internet access. The high-speed broadband Internet channels available anywhere these days offers the users...
(2006-09-19) [Read Detail]
 Areca ARC-1220 RAID Controller Review
Closer LookWe£kl test a new eight-channel SATA II RAID controller from Areca today and we guess most of you haven't ever heard anything about this company, although you might have met i...
(2006-09-01) [Read Detail]
 Roundup: 9 External Enclosures for 3 5-Inch Hard Disk Drives
We wrote this review to help you save some money on an external hard disk drive. Instead of purchasing an expensive ready-made solution, you can take any internal HDD and put it into a ...
(2006-08-30) [Read Detail]

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 Seagate Barracuda XT Review
Final Thoughts and Conclusions We had high hopes for SATA 6Gb/s before we starting benchmarking one of these new platforms, but other than having some nice burst benchmark screen shots we don...
(2009-11-10) [Read Detail]
 Western Digital Caviar Green & Black Review
Final Thoughts and ConclusionsCapacity When it comes to storage capacity, the WD Caviar Black 2 TB (model WD2001FASS) and Caviar Green 2 TB (model WD20EADS) have a free capacity of 1.81 TB as...
(2009-09-19) [Read Detail]
 OCZ Vertex Review
Final Thoughts and Conclusions   When it comes to solid state drives our readers know that we have been critics of them since day one. After using the OCZ Vertex or any other SSD for a day...
(2009-04-18) [Read Detail]
 Adaptec RAID Controllers Roundup
What do people do when they run short of the performance, capacity or reliability of even the best hard disk drive? They turn to RAID technology. People who need increased reliability g...
(2008-07-30) [Read Detail]
 First Look: Western Digital VelociRaptor Hard Disk Drive
We do not have the whole ton of hard disk drive reviews on our site these days. It could be because computer enthusiasts do not express as much interest in hard disk drives these days, ...
(2008-07-23) [Read Detail]
 1TB Hard Disk Drives Roundup
Watching the never-stopping progress in the performance of central processors, graphics cards and other PC components, I sometimes wonder what component is the slowest to evolve these d...
(2008-07-10) [Read Detail]
 AMCC 3Ware 9650SE Serial ATA Controller Series Review
We are resuming our RAID controller reviews with the 3Ware 9650SE-16ML model to show our respect to the company that has undergone a lot of changes recently. Particularly, it has been d...
(2008-05-17) [Read Detail]
 Hard Disk Drives of Different Types: Hitachi 7K200 vs Everyone Else
2.5-inch hard disk drives used to be considered an attribute of notebooks while their low storage capacity was put up with as an annoying, yet inevitable, drawback. This attitude seems ...
(2008-05-08) [Read Detail]
 SSD, i-RAM and Traditional Hard Disk Drives
Solid State Drives (SSDs) have been a subject of hot arguments since their very announcement. After all, it is the first serious attempt to challenge magnetic storage devices that have ...
(2008-04-24) [Read Detail]
 Western Digital VelociRaptor Review
Temperature & ConclusionIn the introduction we talked about how the VelociRaptor used the IcePAK to help reduce heat while being able to mount in 3.5" drive bays. Western Digital sent over a FL...
(2008-04-22) [Read Detail]
 External Hard Disk Drives Roundup: 160GB Storage Capacity
Mobile storage devices are still in our focus and this review is about 160GB models based on 2.5” hard disk drives. It is not a record-breaking capacity as there are 250GB (for de...
(2008-02-28) [Read Detail]
 Roundup: Five 2 5-Inch Hard Disk Drives with 250GB Storage Capacity
2.5-inch hard disk drives with a recording density of 80GB per platter are quite a widespread variety today. 160GB models (based on two platters) are popular as well, but there are stil...
(2008-01-16) [Read Detail]
 Roundup: Six 2 5-Inch Hard Disk Drives with 160GB Storage Capacity
You can’t have too much of storage space. Every PC or notebook user is going to tell you that. And while in a desktop PC you can increase the amount of storage by replacing your H...
(2007-12-06) [Read Detail]
 250GB Hard Disk Drives Shootout: 30 HDDs Tested
One year is just a moment for a centuries-old oak tree and a long enough time for a man, but about half a lifecycle for a modern hard disk. Driven by tough competition, the manufacturer...
(2007-11-16) [Read Detail]
 Western Digital Passport Mobile Hard Disk Drive with 250GB Storage Capacity
A hard disk drive cannot be too big. Very often we get to the point when we start thinking of getting a new storage solution, because the old one can no longer fit all the data that we ...
(2007-09-06) [Read Detail]
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