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Memory Market Overview: February 2005

Date: 2005-2-12

   We’re resuming our traditional monthly reports about the well-being of the PC memory market. Since this coverage will deal with the results of the first month of the year, I will a...

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On the whole, the Taiwanese are expanding their production facilities, but there are clouds ahead in the horizon. The Chinese SMIC which has only recently gained any weight in the DRAM world is rumored to have set an absolutely dumping price of 500 dollars for its 200mm 0.35-micron wafers. That’s times below the prices from UMC or TSMC. The rumors mention the logics production, however the tendency can’t leave the memory makers untroubled.

It may happen that Infineon begot a dragon the whole region will suffer from. By the way, aren’t the rumors about the production of 20-30,000 wafers with defective 110nm DRAM chips by chance a result of the collaboration of the two companies? I hope this memory won’t get to market, also not on the modules of the new AENEON brand, oriented on regional PC makers. These modules were available at the end of the last fall in Europe and the US, and now they are present on the Asian markets. There’s nothing extraordinary about them, they are the same standard modules as in the Elixir series from Infineon’s partner Nanya. Can they come from the same production line in Taiwan?

Memory Market Overview: February 2005

Micron and Corsair amazed the community with their new memory modules in January. Micron began to ship samples of FB-DIMM (Full Buffered) modules on DDR2-667 chips. That’s a very appealing thing and I’m very positive about the very concept of FB-DIMM and hope it will find its way not only to servers, but also to desktop computers, but Micron itself is only going to see its products in servers no sooner than the first half of the next year.

Memory Market Overview: February 2005

Corsair has acted up with another of its designing caprices, introducing its Corsair XPERT series which is not only hung with a LED garland but is also equipped with an LCD display where you can run a scrolling string of text up to 68 characters long with the help of a configuration utility. Otherwise, this memory features low latencies and high frequencies. The precise parameters will be defined later on. XPERT PC3200 modules are going to come to market in February.

Memory Market Overview: February 2005

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