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Mushkin PC3700 Dual Pack Review

Date: 2005-2-15

   All of a sudden, it seems, your socket 478 Pentium 4 or your Athlon XP just isn't that cool any more. With 939 and 775 having been available for some time now, a lot of systems- many of which a...

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 Mushkin PC3700 Dual Pack Review

Mushkin's new 184 pin PC3700 memory is a high performance kit for motherboards that support dual channel memory. It features all the extras that consumers have come to expect from Muskhin, like gold contacts, high quality head spreaders, and 6-layer PCB. The memory features 64Mx64M modules and a 32Mx8 chip density. The memory is unbuffered.

The custom designed heat spreader reduces the risk of "thermal runaway of local hotspots within the memory core and further increases overclocking margins of the modules". The color of these vary so you could be in for a little surprise when you buy them, but the colors are usually quite innocuous like, black, grey, or white.

Being PC3700, this memory was designed to handle a modest overclock. Assuming a stock FSB of 200 your standard memory speed would be PC3200 (DDR 400). PC3700 is capable of running at DDR466 or FSB 233. This means that without overclocking the memory you will be able to overclock your system 16.5%. We'll test to see how for the memory can be pushed past that amount.

 Mushkin PC3700 Dual Pack Review

The memory was shipped via FedEx in a padded envelope. Inside was an inflatable plastic bag, which held the memory suspended in the bag. This method does a great job of protecting memory and its nice to see a company that goes the extra mile, instead of just throwing it in a box.

Mushkin PC3700 Dual Pack Review

The memory modules arrived in a sealed anti-static bag, another really nice touch. Lot's of companies have been moving away from shipping memory in an anti-static bag but these are so cheap, there is no reason not to- they are just more concerned with their packaging design than protecting the product. The fact that the modules are sealed in the theft-proof, anti-static pouch means its almost impossible for you to be shipped the wrong modules or for them to be damaged by static en route.

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