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Mushkin PC3700 Dual Pack Review

Date: 2005-2-15

   All of a sudden, it seems, your socket 478 Pentium 4 or your Athlon XP just isn't that cool any more. With 939 and 775 having been available for some time now, a lot of systems- many of which a...

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Mushkin PC3700 Dual Pack Review

Test System:
Asus P4P800 SE, Intel 2.8C, PowerColor Radeon 9250, Enermax NoiseTaker 420w PSU, 120 GB 8MB Maxtor HDD

As with all memory, the installation took just a few seconds. After removing our old memory, 2x512 Corsair XMS 3200XL Pro, the Musking modules were installed and the system was booted up. The memory was ran at SPD at stock voltage. The computer ran well, just as it did before the swap. As expected there was no noticeable difference between a gigabyte of Corsair or Mushkin memory.

Mushkin PC3700 Dual Pack Review

CPU-Z was ran to check the basics. No surprises- 2x512MB of memory from Mushkin Enhanced Memory Systems. By SPD our system ran the memory timings at 2-4-4, Mushkin's web site tells us that the standard timings are 2.5-4-3-?. The "?" is there because Mushkin feels that the tRAS is too complicated to be summarized or understood by a single number, unlike the other three latencies. Rather than provide misinformation, they have a question mark.

These timings are pretty OK given the overclocking nature of this memory. It is certainly not the tightest out there- the memory we removed and a kit of Mushkin PC3200 L2 V2 we have around the office both run at 2-2-2-5 and are capable of being overclocked to PC4000. That being said, 2-4-4 is not terrible, though some differences will be noticeable in our testing and the memory should probably be put at 2.5-4-3 (stock) when we are overclocking, to ensure maximum stability.

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