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Mushkin PC3700 Dual Pack Review

Date: 2005-2-15

   All of a sudden, it seems, your socket 478 Pentium 4 or your Athlon XP just isn't that cool any more. With 939 and 775 having been available for some time now, a lot of systems- many of which a...

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The first test we conducted with the Mushkin PC3700 memory was with Sandra 2004. The test was the Cache and Memory Benchmark and was conducted at DDR400 speed. The memory modules are not of primary importance this test, but a difference can be noted betwee this test and a previous one (green line) which used Corsair's XMS 3200XL Pro memory. The difference cannot be noted until larger test blocks are used, but here the quicker timings (2-2-2-5) of the Corsair modules wins out.

Mushkin PC3700 Dual Pack Review

The next test was conducted using Sandra's Memory Bandwidth test. This application tests both Int and Float memory bandwidth and is a great indicator of the actual performance you are getting from your memory.

Mushkin PC3700 Dual Pack Review

The scores that the PC3700 got were 4261 MB/s Int and 4263 MB/s Float. While these are good scores for most memory, even aftermarket, they were behind that of our Mushkin L2 V2 (4423/4417), and our Corsair 3200XL (4977/4974). These two kits have a huge advantage in this test because of their minimal latencies. As expected the 3700 was very close to our Buffalo FireStix PC4000 2x512 kit which tested in at 4309/4312. This memory's timings, 2.5-3-3-6, were much closer to the 3700's than either of the other two.

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