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Mushkin PC3700 Dual Pack Review

Date: 2005-2-15

   All of a sudden, it seems, your socket 478 Pentium 4 or your Athlon XP just isn't that cool any more. With 939 and 775 having been available for some time now, a lot of systems- many of which a...

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The next test conducted was Memory Benchmark. This program measure the speed of the memory during certain important functions, such as reading, cache, and writing.

Mushkin PC3700 Dual Pack Review

Once again, the numbers put up by the DDR466 were respectable but could not match those of the sticks with the tighter latencies. If you look at the graphics from our previous tests, like that of the Mushkin L2 V2 you can see the difference is pretty apparent.

Mushkin PC3700 Dual Pack Review

The results were basically the same for the cache test. This should be no surprise- as latencies are slower the memory is not going to test as fast. that is just the cold hard facts.

At this point the Mushkin PC3700 has yet to really reach its stride, it basically has been testing like standard PC3200 memory. It should also be noted the the retail price of this 2x512 kit is just $222.50 compared to just about a hundred dollars more for either the Mushkin L2 V2 or the Corsair 3200XL. The Buffalo memory referred to before costs about $260.

With those tests over we did a little bit of extra testing, some synthetic tests and the Super Pi.

Mushkin L2 V2 3200 Corsair XMS 3200XL Mushkin PC3700
PCMark02 Memory Test 770478457456
PCMark04 Memory Test 401140743855
SuperPi - 4 Million digits282 seconds 281 seconds 302 seconds
SuperPi - 2 Million digits126 seconds 125 seconds 130 seconds

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