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palmOne Tungsten T5 Review

Date: 2005-2-7

   PDAs have been around for a long time and though I have used a lot of different ones I have avoided getting too attached to any of them. My life consists, at any given time, of dozens of little...

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palmOne Tungsten T5 Review

My first impression of the T5 was very good. The unit is very nice looking as it has done away with silly blue paint or cheap-looking brushed aluminum exteriors and picked up a handsome gun-metal grey finish. This looks much better and more classy than most of the previous iterations of the PDA, though it does tend to accumulate fingerprints and smudges more readily than a painted exterior. The T5 is cleverly shaped such that it bows in at its middle. This makes the PDA more aesthetically appealing and easier to hold.

One feature that I really liked at first was the ability to switch between portrait and landscape mode of viewing. At the press of one of the permanent hot buttons at the bottom of the OS the modes can be seamlessly switched. At first I was a big fan of this mode but then I started to notice some things, especially that the T5 is harder to hold and that the on-screen keyboard switches to alphabetic order, instead of its normal Qwerty configuration. The Landscape view mode has some uses but it certainly no replacement for portrait mode. The other buttons on located with this one are Home, Find, Menu (same as your computer's Alt), System Info (doubles as a clock), Alert, BlueTooth, Full-Screen Writing, and Input.

palmOne Tungsten T5 Review

One of the features which really sets the T5 apart from other PDAs is the displays. Not only does the transflective TFT display look surprisingly bright and crisp but is takes up nearly all of the Palm so the entire package looks that much better, just as a computer display with a thin bezel look better than one with a thicker bezel.  Text is just about as crisp as a screen this size can get- it is highly legible but perhaps not as small as it could be. Images look very nice, though as with the screen of any other PDA they are somewhat jaggy and falter a bit when featuring complex images, like a large Lorenz pattern.

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