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palmOne Tungsten T5 Review

Date: 2005-2-7

   PDAs have been around for a long time and though I have used a lot of different ones I have avoided getting too attached to any of them. My life consists, at any given time, of dozens of little...

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palmOne Tungsten T5 Review

Moving on to a lighter subject I examined the top of the T5. Here I found an SDIO slot, a 3.5mm headphone jack, a power button, and the stylus. All this was very standard, SD being the media of choice for most PDAs and 3.5mm being the normal size for a headphone in a device this size. The stylus can be slid out of the top of the T5; in its slot the stylus is very secure yet easily accessible. While examining the stylus I noticed it is composed primarily of metal which gives it a great feel, though the chromed surface could be slippery if you are wearing gloves. The black plastic top of the stylus can be screwed off in case you need a small point to press the T5's recessed reset button.

palmOne Tungsten T5 Review

During further use I thought more about the 160MB of internal storage and the 55MB of application storage. While 55MB is probably more than you will ever need it seems like a small amount because if you want to store lots of extra data you will probably use an SD card, instead of the PDA's Drive Mode which is a bit clumsy. Also when it comes down to it, 160MB may be a lot for a PDA but you can purchase a 256MB flash memory key for about $30 dollars and the price of large SD cards are rapidly dropping quickly enough that I can't see Drive Mode being used too much. 

palmOne Tungsten T5 Review

I labelled the Drive Mode as "clumsy" because to use it you have to put the T5 in the right mode and then plug it in. During this time you cannot sync the PDA so you have to shutdown drive mode and then resume your normal sync activities to do so. All told Drive Mode is a step in the right direction for Palm, but it is still lacking compared the operation of Pocket PCs in this respect.

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