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OCZ Flex II PC2-9200 Kit Review

Date: 2008-9-10

   ConclusionThe OCZ PC2-9200 Flex II 4GB memory kit steps up the game for 4GB memory kits. No longer does 4GB have to be associated with slow and loose timings. Focusing solely at the performance...

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Test Setup

OCZ Flex II PC2-9200 Kit Review

Without a doubt, Nvidia had one of the best DDR2 overclocking memory controllers with the 680i motherboard. The 780i motherboard I have is simply a 680i motherboard with PCIe 2.0 support and supports independent CPU and RAM overclocking making it a great DDR2 review platform. A spare HD 4850 was used with overclocked speeds of 800MHz on the core and 1100MHz on the memory. Memory cooling in all instances was a single 120mm fan in addition to the airflow from the E8400 heatsink. Since this was a 4GB kit, Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit was utilized with SP1 installed. To offer a comparison, OCZ PC2-6400 Platinum Rev 2 modules were used.

Intel Test Platform



Live Pricing


Intel Core 2 Duo E8400

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EVGA 780i Click Here


OCZ PC2-9200 Flex II 4GB Click Here

Video Card

Gigabyte HD 4850 512MB

Click Here

Hard Drive

Seagate 7200.10 320GB

Click Here


E8400 Box Cooler

Click Here

Power Supply

Corsair HX1000

Click Here

Operating System

Windows Vista Ultimate

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