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Asus Radeon HD 4890 Review

Date: 2009-7-14

   Final Thoughts & ConclusionUnlike the ATI Radeon HD 4870, which provided a huge jump in performance over the prior Radeon HD 3870, the Radeon HD 4890 is only a modest speed boost over the prior...

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Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance is a standalone expansion for the real-time strategy game Supreme Commander and was developed by Gas Powered Games. It was released on November 6, 2007 to the United States. During testing all performance settings were set to the maximum value with vertical sync disabled.

Asus Radeon HD 4890 Review

Asus Radeon HD 4890 Review

Asus Radeon HD 4890 Review

Supreme Commander Forged Alliance is still a game that hits the processor heavily but it plays well with 20-30 FPS which the HD 4890 is able to deliver at 1680x1050 with 4xAA enabled. Once again, though, the GTX 260 pulls off much better minimum frames per second, which are the critical frames between a stutter and barely noticeable frame rendering.

Asus Radeon HD 4890 Review

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