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HIS Radeon HD 5870 Review

Date: 2010-1-22

   Final Thoughts and Conclusion With a current price point of $429.99 as shown here or $409.99 without Dirt2, the HIS Radeon HD5870 may not be for everyone. Though for those looking for a to...

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Retail Box and Bundle

Now that we have taken a look at the HIS Radeon HD5870 we can look at the packaging and features.

HIS Radeon HD 5870 Review

The front of the box is adorned with the sword of King Arthur, the Excalibur.  Some of the key features are also noted on the front of the box.  Features like HDMI and full 1080p for high definition viewing are among the features listed here.

HIS Radeon HD 5870 Review

The back of the box has no shortage of marketing text.

HIS Radeon HD 5870 Review

Opening up the box we get the usual accessories included with a new graphics card. One thing stands out to me though. Inside the box was a 7 in 1 tool kit.

HIS Radeon HD 5870 Review

While it may not be the worlds most inclusive tool kit. It is a nice little unexpected bonus. It has two sizes of Phillips and bladed screw drivers, a small dust brush for those hard to reach places, a spirit level, and a little LED flash light.

HIS Radeon HD 5870 Review

Also included inside of the package is the driver disk, 2 sets of 2 4pin molex to 6pin Pcie power adapters, Crossfire bridge, and a DVI to VGA adapter. Of all the accessories you receive with the HIS Radeon HD5870 the most fun (aside from the HIS Radeon HD5870 itself) is an activation code for Colin McRae: DiRT 2.

HIS Radeon HD 5870 Review

Once you lift out the tray that has all the accessories we can see how well HIS packaged and protected the HIS Radeon HD5870.

Lets take a quick look at the set-up we will be using to test all the cards today.

HIS Radeon HD 5870 Review

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