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Diamond Radeon HD 5750 OC Review

Date: 2010-1-30

   Final Thoughts and Conclusion The Diamond Radeon HD5750 OC is the fastest Radeon HD5750 out there (at the time of this writing).  Although, in my opinion it does have its faults. Well, ma...

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Retail Box and Bundle

Diamond Radeon HD 5750 OC Review

The retail packaging for the Diamond Radeon HD5750 is eye catching to say the least.  It is adorned with one of the rally cars from Colin McRae: DiRT 2 along with the reference image of the DiRT 2 logo. I would be willing to bet that Diamond is emphasizing the DirectX 11 Capabilities of their Radeon HD5750.

Diamond Radeon HD 5750 OC Review

The back of the Diamond Radeon HD5750 packaging is filled with more than enough marketing text. Three points they highlight are:

  • Expand across three displays with EyeFinity
  • Accelerate with ATI Stream technology
  • Dominate with DirectX 11
Diamond Radeon HD 5750 OC Review

Once opening up the packaging we can start seeing what comes with the Diamond Radeon HD5750. The envelope on top of the foam contains your driver disk, instructions and a coupon for 35 free songs and 1 audiobook from emusic.com.

Diamond Radeon HD 5750 OC Review

Once the top layer of foam is removed you get to take a look at your new Diamond Radeon HD5750. One thing bothers me though; I don't feel that it's packed very well. It could just be the fact that in Chicago our packages don't always arrive in the best shape, but I would have like to have seen the card secured in place better.

Diamond Radeon HD 5750 OC Review

Aside from the instructions this is your entire bundle. It is a bit lacking. At the minimum I would like to see a 4pin molex to Pcie power adapter included. I was also a bit disappointed that there was no coupon for the game Colin McRae: DiRT 2.

Diamond Radeon HD 5750 OC Review

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