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Gigabyte 3D Aurora Review

Date: 2005-8-5

   The Aurora is an interesting addition to Gigabyte's lineup. Following the mediocre release of their SFF, Gigabyte seems to have turned it around for the most part with an appealing case that se...

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Gigabyte has always been a motherboard manufacturer first, and judging from their track record, been pretty good at making motherboards. When the started to make graphics cards, there was a little hesitation, but nothing major since they were still a similar sort of product. They both involved PCBs and other companies were doing the same thing, so there was no big deal.

When Gigabyte started making air and water coolers, people started to raise their eyebrows. What the heck does a motherboard company know about cooling? As it turns out, enough to enter the market and diversify to provide a more complete solution. Now, we have something that no other company can really say they've done (and SFFs don't count). Gigabyte has started to make ATX cases, and entering at the high-end with full aluminum creations, no less.

Gigabyte 3D Aurora Review

   [1]· Introduction
   [2]· First Impressions and Specs
   [3]· The outside
   [4]· The inside
   [5]· Installation
   [6]· Conclusion
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