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OCZ Unveils “Elixir?Keyboards

Date: 2008-7-11

   OCZ Technology Group, the company most known for high-end memory products, today announced the expansion of its gaming peripherals under a new “Alchemy” line, with the introduction...

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OCZ Technology Group, the company most known for high-end memory products, today announced the expansion of its gaming peripherals under a new “Alchemy” line, with the introduction of the Elixir keyboard series for highly advanced functionality in game-play. The announcement of the single keyboard means a lot for the company.

The new product family brings OCZ to another new level: from the supplier of memory modules the company grew to a supplier of power supply units with the acquisition of PC Power & Cooling, a supplier of personal computers due to take over of the Hypersonic, and a supplier of PC peripherals with the launch of OCZ mouse, OCZ NIA controller as well as OCZ keyboard.

“The new Alchemy line from OCZ is designed to offer gamers quality gaming solutions that deliver both exceptional performance and value. Just because gamers have a budget doesn’t mean they shouldn’t enjoy premium gaming features, and our first Alchemy solution the Elixir gaming keyboard is designed with quality ergonomics and offers efficient game-play with programmable macro keys,” said Eugene Chang, product manager of the OCZ Technology Group.

OCZ Unveils “Elixir?Keyboards

The Elixir is a keyboard featuring the necessary features such as 10 tri-mode programmable macro keys, mode selection, a pop-up menu shortcut, and Windows Media Players optical controller. OCZ’s Alchemy Elixir keyboard sports membrane tactical keys made from rubber-coating for no-slip comfort and ergonomic design. The Elixir also features a USB port. Elixir keyboards feature manufacturer suggested retail price of just $29.99.

According to OCZ, the Alchemy line, introduced earlier this year at Computex, embodies the needs of gamers through a diverse lineup of gaming peripherals and components that will provide PC players the ultimate hardware to take on the most demanding games. The Elixir keyboard is the first product under this line, and will be the first of many gaming keyboards, mice, another other computer gaming accessories. The Alchemy family was created by OCZ in its attempt to meet the demands of each segment in the enthusiast community.

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