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 Nintendo Admits Wii Problems
Leading game console manufacturer Nintendo Co. on Friday said it would replace straps for wireless controllers of Wii game machine that are subject to break off. The company also released...
(2006-12-18) [Read Detail]
 Microsoft Promises to Sell Over 10 Million Xbox 360 by Year End
Microsoft Corp., the world's largest developer of software and the Xbox game console producer, said Wednesday it expected to have sold more than 10 million of Xbox 360 gaming machines, up...
(2006-12-08) [Read Detail]
 40% of Record Label's Sales Will Come from Digital Music by 2010
A research firm said this week that the market of digital music would grow six times in several years and would reach $14.9 billion by 2010. Sales of digital music will account for over o...
(2006-11-25) [Read Detail]
 HD DVD Widely Available, Less Expensive than Blu-Ray
Affected by product delays and other issues, Blu-ray still has not outperformed HD DVD format amid higher amount of movie studios and consumer electronics companies that support the stand...
(2006-11-23) [Read Detail]
 PlayStation 3 ?An Engineering Masterpiece, Analysts Say
Sony PlayStation 3 game console is finally released and analysts say that the game console offers performance of a supercomputer, however, dissection of the console reveals that Sony Comp...
(2006-11-18) [Read Detail]
 Blu-Ray, HD DVD to Have 53 7% of DVD Market in 6 Years
A recently released report from a Monterey, California-based research firm claims that by 2009 there will be almost no video cassette recorders in use, whereas high definition digital vid...
(2006-10-12) [Read Detail]

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 Game Publisher Wants to Make PC Purchase Easier
Electronic Arts, the world’s largest publisher of video games, said recently that it plans to mark personal computers in accordance with their capabilities to play the forthcoming Crysis...
(2008-08-02) [Read Detail]
 Consumers Employ ait & See?Strategy for Blu-Ray Purchases
Blu-ray players are not flying off retailers’ shelves, at least not in the numbers the industry might hope for. Apparently, only about 25% of consumers, according to a survey by ABI Rese...
(2008-08-02) [Read Detail]
 Electronic Arts: No Red Alert 3 for Sony PlayStation 3
Citing difficulties to create software for Sony PlayStation 3 game console, video game developer Electronic Arts said that it would not release a version of Red Alert 3 title for the latest ga...
(2008-08-01) [Read Detail]
 AMD to Get Rid of DTV Business Unit
Advanced Micro Devices plans to sell its consumer electronics TV business unit it got with the acquisition of ATI Technologies back in 2006 to Broadcom, an analyst said. Earlier this year AMD ...
(2008-08-01) [Read Detail]
 Current-Generation Video Game Consoles Set to Have a Long Life
The winner of the current-generation game consoles is still not clear, but Microsoft Corp., Nintendo Corp. and Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. are already at work, developing next Xbox, PlayS...
(2008-07-30) [Read Detail]
 Nintendo Wii MotionPlus ?A Surprise for Game Developers
Developers of video games were completely not aware of Nintendo Wii MotionPlus peripheral that improves precision of Wiimote game controller. This may slowdown the adoption of the new controll...
(2008-07-24) [Read Detail]
 Optimus Pultius to Fight Optimus Mini Three
Art Lebedev design studio has announced its new keypad named Optimus Pultius, which may be added to any personal computer or keyboard. The new device will feature programmable keys with screen...
(2008-07-24) [Read Detail]
 Sony Wants to Outsell PlayStation 2 with PlayStation 3
At present, Sony PlayStation 3 is the worst selling latest-generation video game console. However, Kazuo Hirai, chief executive of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., hopes that the latest syste...
(2008-07-22) [Read Detail]
 Market of Video Games and Consoles Continues to Grow in the USA
The retail market of video games and video game consoles continues to grow in the U.S. due to the fact that people are cutting their spending and switching to in-home entertainment instead of ...
(2008-07-19) [Read Detail]
 Sony Aims at Profitability, Not Unit Sales with PlayStation 3, Says Chief Financial Officer
Despite of the fact that Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. yet has to catch up with Microsoft Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii video game consoles in terms of unit sales, chief financial officer of So...
(2008-07-19) [Read Detail]
 Sony PlayStation 3 80GB to Cost $399, Backwards Compatibility Lost
Sony Computer Entertainment America has announced that starting from Fall ‘08 it would offer PlayStation 3 model with 80GB hard drive for the price of $399. Unfortunately for PlayStation...
(2008-07-18) [Read Detail]
 Microsoft Releases Xbox 360 Pro 60GB Model
As expected, Microsoft Corp. has released a new version of its Xbox 360 video game console with enlarged hard disk drive and also slashed the price of the previous-generation machine “wh...
(2008-07-17) [Read Detail]
 Nintendo Unveils Wii MotionPlus Accessory
Nintendo, a leading developer of video game consoles and software, unveiled at the E3 Media & Business summit its new accessory that improves precision of Wiimote motion sensitive game con...
(2008-07-17) [Read Detail]
 Nvidia Slashes Pricing of GeForce GTX 200
Nvidia Corp., a leading developer of graphics processing units (GPUs) has quietly slashed pricing of its latest GeForce GTX 200 product family in an attempt to sustain its market share and not...
(2008-07-16) [Read Detail]
 PC TV Tuner Market to Get Boost from Shift to Digital Broadcasting
TV tuners for personal computers have never been truly popular due to various reasons, however, as the shift to digital TV happens, this market will get a boost, believes In-Stat market resear...
(2008-07-16) [Read Detail]
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