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 If You Really Want It - You Can Do It
I believe our regular readers already know that SLI support can be enabled for Intel chipsets if you modify the Nvidia graphics card drivers accordingly. It is pretty hard to find modifie...
(2006-06-27) [Read Detail]
 More on Intel Kentsfield
Of course, those readers who are interested in the new generation Intel processors would hardly be satisfied with Kentsfield screenshots only. Everyone wanted to see some real overclockin...
(2006-06-23) [Read Detail]
 Voltmodding and Liquid Nitrogen Work Wonders
As we have already seen, the overclocking potential of Conroe processors improves every time they switch to a new core stepping. However, the range of supported nominal frequency multipli...
(2006-06-23) [Read Detail]
 Intel offers Overclockers 50%-60% Frequency Gain
Now that there is so much stir around the upcoming Conroe processors launch, some overclockers may have forgotten that there have recently appeared 0.065micron Celeron D models that are s...
(2006-06-23) [Read Detail]
 Intel's Quad-Core on the Way!
We never doubted that there were engineering samples of the Kentsfield processor out there. They have already been briefly shown at Intel's booth during Computex 2006 and have also been f...
(2006-06-23) [Read Detail]
 Budget Solution for Overclocking Fans?
3600+ model is the today's top Sempron processor in Socket AM2 form-factor. It works at 2.0GHz, features 256MB L2 cache and supports dual-channel DDR2-667 memory. The majority of the pote...
(2006-06-07) [Read Detail]

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 AMD Highlights Efficiency of Operations
In a keynote speech at the Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference, Doug Grose, AMD’s senior vice president for manufacturing, technology development and supply chain management,...
(2008-05-06) [Read Detail]
 AMD, HP, IBM, Intel, Nvidia and Sun Microsystems Team Up with Stanford to Create Pervasive Parallelism Laboratory
Modern processors, whether they are central processing units (CPUs) or graphics processing units (GPUs), contain many parallel computing engines which tremendous processing power cannot be uti...
(2008-05-01) [Read Detail]
 HP Labs Proves Existence of New Basic Element for Electronic Circuits
HP announced on Wednesday that researchers from HP Labs, the company’s central research facility, have proven the existence of what had previously been only theorized as the fourth funda...
(2008-05-01) [Read Detail]
 Apple Upgrades iMac Computers
Apple this week upgraded its iMac all-in-one desktop computers with new microprocessors as well as graphics accelerators. The upgrades do not bring dramatic performance increases, but puts iMa...
(2008-05-01) [Read Detail]
 Eee May Become Independent Hardware Brand
Asustek Computer, a leading maker of mainboards and other computer components, is rumoured to be considering spinning off its Eee brand into a separate company or business unit in order to be ...
(2008-04-30) [Read Detail]
 PC Makers Intend to Offer Computers with Windows XP After 30th of June
Even though Microsoft Corp. plans to stop selling Windows XP licenses after the 30th of June for all personal computers with exception of very entry-level systems, large suppliers of PCs inten...
(2008-04-30) [Read Detail]
 AMD Unveils New Platform for Business PCs
Advanced Micro Devices, the world’s second biggest supplier of x86 microprocessors, on Monday unveiled its first platform initiative aimed at commercial desktop and notebook computers. A...
(2008-04-29) [Read Detail]
 Apple Quietly Takes Over Microprocessor Designer
Apple, a leading maker of portable digital media players as well as developer of Macintosh personal computer, has acquired PA Semi, a designer of Power-architecture microprocessors with whom A...
(2008-04-24) [Read Detail]
 UMC's Chairman Emeritus Expects Acquisitions and Mergers in Semiconductor Business
As the demand towards leading-edge electronics equipment generally softens, the demand towards semiconductors lowers too and during the tough times for the industry mergers and restructures ar...
(2008-04-23) [Read Detail]
 Intel's Software Enables Key Data Sharing in Clinical Settings
Intel Corp. has been developing various computing platforms for the healthcare industry for several years now, but without the properly made software hardware can hardly bring any benefits and...
(2008-04-22) [Read Detail]
 IBM and Partners Demonstrate New Material for 32nm Chip Production
IBM and its joint development partners have announced that they had collectively demonstrated significant performance and power consumption advantages over industry standards by using a breakt...
(2008-04-16) [Read Detail]
 Nvidia Preps Tegra Product
Nvidia Corp., the main supplier of discrete graphics adapter as well as variety of multimedia chips, prepares to release a product called “Tegra”. Few details are known, but this i...
(2008-04-15) [Read Detail]
 Shuttle Unveils High-Definition Video-Oriented Personal Computer
Shuttle, a maker of small form-factor (SFF) barebone systems, has released its new computer that comes equipped with universal optical drive that can read both Blu-ray and HD DVD discs. The ne...
(2008-04-13) [Read Detail]
 AMD Gets Rid of Chief Technology Officer Position
Advanced Micro Devices on Friday announced that chief technology officer at the company will resign and will not be replaced. The company indicated that at the moment the company has five chie...
(2008-04-12) [Read Detail]
 Intel Gets Rid of Yet Another Non-Core Asset
Intel Corp., the largest maker of x86 microprocessors in the world, and Emcore Corp., a leading provider of compound semiconductor-based components and subsystems for the broadband, fiber opti...
(2008-04-11) [Read Detail]
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