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 If You Really Want It - You Can Do It
I believe our regular readers already know that SLI support can be enabled for Intel chipsets if you modify the Nvidia graphics card drivers accordingly. It is pretty hard to find modifie...
(2006-06-27) [Read Detail]
 More on Intel Kentsfield
Of course, those readers who are interested in the new generation Intel processors would hardly be satisfied with Kentsfield screenshots only. Everyone wanted to see some real overclockin...
(2006-06-23) [Read Detail]
 Voltmodding and Liquid Nitrogen Work Wonders
As we have already seen, the overclocking potential of Conroe processors improves every time they switch to a new core stepping. However, the range of supported nominal frequency multipli...
(2006-06-23) [Read Detail]
 Intel offers Overclockers 50%-60% Frequency Gain
Now that there is so much stir around the upcoming Conroe processors launch, some overclockers may have forgotten that there have recently appeared 0.065micron Celeron D models that are s...
(2006-06-23) [Read Detail]
 Intel's Quad-Core on the Way!
We never doubted that there were engineering samples of the Kentsfield processor out there. They have already been briefly shown at Intel's booth during Computex 2006 and have also been f...
(2006-06-23) [Read Detail]
 Budget Solution for Overclocking Fans?
3600+ model is the today's top Sempron processor in Socket AM2 form-factor. It works at 2.0GHz, features 256MB L2 cache and supports dual-channel DDR2-667 memory. The majority of the pote...
(2006-06-07) [Read Detail]

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 HP, Intel and Yahoo! Create Global Cloud Computing Research
Hewlett-Packard, Intel Corp. and Yahoo! have announced the creation of a global, multi-data center, open source test bed for the advancement of cloud computing research and education. The goal...
(2008-08-02) [Read Detail]
 1394 Trade Association Ratifies 1394-2008 Spec
Universal Serial Bus 3.0 is just around the cornet, but it does not mean that its brother IEEE 1394 standard (also known as FireWire and iLink) has ceased its development. In fact, this month ...
(2008-08-01) [Read Detail]
 Apple May Return Proprietary Chipsets to Its Systems
Apple may stop using chipsets developed by Intel Corp. and start again utilizing proprietary core-logic sets inside its Macintosh computers, according to some market rumours. So far it remains...
(2008-07-29) [Read Detail]
 HP's Voodoo Computers to Be Available Through HP Sales Network
State-of-the-art personal computers that feature exclusive design and configuration are not available in retail and cannot be ordered from companies like Dell or HP. Moreover, Alienware and Vo...
(2008-07-26) [Read Detail]
 AMD: Only Real Men Have Fabs
Advanced Micro Devices on Friday issued a statement claiming that the new chief executive officer of the company was misquoted and did not announce spin off of the chipmaker’s manufactur...
(2008-07-26) [Read Detail]
 AMD Prepares to Spin Off Manufacturing Operations
Dirk Meyer, the new chief executive officer of Advanced Micro Devices, said in an interview with a news-paper that the company would spin off its manufacturing operations in months time as a p...
(2008-07-24) [Read Detail]
 Consortium Formed to Develop TransferJet Technology
Tens of companies have agreed to form a consortium that will develop TransferJet, a close proximity wireless transfer technology proposed by Sony earlier this year. The alliance, which include...
(2008-07-24) [Read Detail]
 Intel: CPU Market Is Highly Competitive, AMD's EC's Allegations are Unfounded
Intel Corp. was rather quick to respond to allegations of European Commission, which accused the world’s largest maker of x86 central processing units (CPUs) of illegal business practice...
(2008-07-19) [Read Detail]
 European Commission Finds More Examples of Intel's Illegal Business Practices
The European Commission on Thursday said that it sent a supplementary Statement of Objections (SSO) to Intel Corp. The new allegations reinforce the Commission’s preliminary view outline...
(2008-07-18) [Read Detail]
 Nvidia Joins SOI Industry Consortium
Nvidia Corp., the world’s largest supplier of graphics processing units, has joined the SOI Industry Consortium. Joining the organization may mean that the fabless developer of semicondu...
(2008-07-17) [Read Detail]
 Fujitsu and Siemens to Decide FSC's Future by Year End
Fujitsu Siemens Computers, a joint venture between Japan-based Fujitsu and Germany-based Siemens may cease to exist if Siemens decides to pull out from the hardly profitable business. If this ...
(2008-07-16) [Read Detail]
 AMD Admits Failures in Consumer Electronics Businesses
Advanced Micro Devices has written down another $880 million from their goodwill and intangible assets in the recently ended quarter quarter, the company said in a statement with Securities an...
(2008-07-13) [Read Detail]
 Intel Set to Sell Personal Health System
Intel Corp. today announced the receipt of 510(k) market clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Intel’s personal health system, the Intel Health Guide, a care mana...
(2008-07-11) [Read Detail]
 Wi-Fi 802 11n Equipment Gains Popularity on the Market
Even though the 802.11n standard has not been finalized yet, supporting equipment is becoming more and more popular on the market thanks to certification program by Wi-Fi Alliance. Nearly 50% ...
(2008-07-02) [Read Detail]
 OCZ Offers 128GB Solid State Drives for $479
OCZ Technology Group, a leading supplier of dynamic random access memory and flash-based products, has unveiled its family of affordable solid-state drives (SSDs), which price begins at just $...
(2008-07-02) [Read Detail]
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