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 Gigabyte 3D Aurora 570 Review
IntroductionGigabyte jumped right into the crowded enclosures market when it introduced the impressive 3D Aurora last year. For a debut chassis, it certainly made an impression on us with its c...
(2006-12-30) [Read Detail]
 Originality or Efficiency? Cooler Master Mars, Eclipse and Hyper TX Cooling Solutions Reviewed
I don't know about you, but I personally have already got used to see coolers on heat pipes to have a tower-like design. There are usually a few heat pipes passing through a copper base...
(2006-12-16) [Read Detail]
 Samsung 931BF Review
Not too long ago I had a chance to work with Samsung's 940BF, a 19" LCD display that was designed to put performance ahead of style and be one of the workhorses of the Samsung lineup. While Sam...
(2006-12-14) [Read Detail]
 ASRock ALiveNF6G-DVI Review
The ConclusionJust like its Intel brother, the ASRock 945G-DVI, this board was intended to be a budget board, and that is something that you have to keep in perspective as you test this board, ...
(2006-12-13) [Read Detail]
 SuperCoolers Return: Zalman CNPS9700 LED and Scythe Infinity
It is in response to the constantly increasing heat dissipation of central processors that the manufacturers have developed high-efficiency air coolers, which have come to be known as ...
(2006-12-12) [Read Detail]
 AeroCool Zero Degree Review
Well the Aerocool Zero Degree has proven itself here. While keeping it ingenious the Zero Degree doesns lack any functionality or allure. A beautiful Case featuring a quality aluminum front ...
(2006-12-12) [Read Detail]

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 ASRock K10N780SLIX3-WiFi Review
NewsBIOS Chipsets Computers Conventions Cooling CPUs Daily Deals Drivers Gaming Laptops Linux Memory Motherboards Networking Site News Servers Overclocking Video Cards Windows ReviewsBIOS Chi...
(2008-06-12) [Read Detail]
 Logitech MX Air Review
(2008-06-11) [Read Detail]
 Japanese Dragon: Giant Passive Scythe Orochi Cooler Review
“Orochi” in Japanese mythology means a snake-like creature with several heads (eight, to be more exact). There is a similar dragon in Russian folklore fairy-tales, too. Howe...
(2008-06-06) [Read Detail]
 Razer Lachesis: First Laser Mouse from the Third Generation
The US-headquartered Razer is known as a supplier of exceptional-quality gaming mice since 1999. After they resumed the production in 2004 new models have been coming out regularly but ...
(2008-06-02) [Read Detail]
 Cooler Master Hyper Z600: Passive Cooler with Excellent Potential to Be Active
The manufacturers of processor coolers seem to have realized that they have finally exhausted the potential of these systems on contemporary CPUs. We haven’t come across an air co...
(2008-06-01) [Read Detail]
 D-Link RangeBooster N USB Adapter Review
We’ve recently started a series of tests of Draft N wireless adapters, beginning it with a review of the Trendnet TEW-624UB. The device we are going to discuss today is another Wi...
(2008-05-30) [Read Detail]
 Thermaltake DuOrb: Can a Modding Cooler Be Efficient?
We mentioned in one of our recent articles devoted to processor cooling systems that the manufacturers tend to design very attractive-looking and originally shaped solutions these days....
(2008-05-30) [Read Detail]
 Edimax EnduraLINK BR-724 DualWAN Inbound & Outbound Load-Balancing Router Review
A home router is quite an ordinary piece of hardware nowadays. It comes in various flavors, designs and technical specs, but mostly has such typical traits as four LAN ports, a WLAN mod...
(2008-05-27) [Read Detail]
 ASUS Coolers Tested: Triton 77, Silent Knight II and Silent Square EVO
We have recently told you how four well-known companies modified their existing CPU cooling solutions and what came out of it (see our article called Old New Coolers from Zalman, Tuniq,...
(2008-05-21) [Read Detail]
 OCZ ATV Review
Performance Testings and ConclusionsAn ASUS S62J 'white box' notebook with a Core Duo T2500 processor was used for testing. The Removable Storage test found in SiSoft Sandra XII was used to get...
(2008-05-21) [Read Detail]
 Victims of Compact Design and Original Ideas: Akasa Revo, AURAS Conditioner and XIGMATEK AIO-S80DP
The idea of placing compact liquid-cooling systems for CPUs inside the system case is not that new. Various manufacturers keep releasing new solutions like that and improving the existi...
(2008-05-13) [Read Detail]
 Little Coolers for a Big Processor: AURAS TwinW, APACK ZEROtherm CF900 and Scythe Shuriken
Have you ever thought that your system case takes up too much room, that it is too big and bulky and doesn’t fit into the room interior concept, and that it is too noisy as well? ...
(2008-05-08) [Read Detail]
 Asus M3N-HT Deluxe/Mempipe Review
Power Consumption and ConclusionSince power consumption is a big deal these days, we ran some simple power consumption tests on our test beds. The systems ran with the power supplies, case fan,...
(2008-05-08) [Read Detail]
 Samsung SyncMaster 2263DX Review
There is nothing new about the idea of using two monitors with one computer. Many people already use such configurations especially as nearly each modern graphics card offers two video ...
(2008-05-07) [Read Detail]
 Dual-Display Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster 2263DX Review
There is nothing new about the idea of using two monitors with one computer. Many people already use such configurations especially as nearly each modern graphics card offers two video ...
(2008-05-06) [Read Detail]
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