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 Nintendo Admits Wii Problems
Leading game console manufacturer Nintendo Co. on Friday said it would replace straps for wireless controllers of Wii game machine that are subject to break off. The company also released...
(2006-12-18) [Read Detail]
 Microsoft Promises to Sell Over 10 Million Xbox 360 by Year End
Microsoft Corp., the world's largest developer of software and the Xbox game console producer, said Wednesday it expected to have sold more than 10 million of Xbox 360 gaming machines, up...
(2006-12-08) [Read Detail]
 40% of Record Label's Sales Will Come from Digital Music by 2010
A research firm said this week that the market of digital music would grow six times in several years and would reach $14.9 billion by 2010. Sales of digital music will account for over o...
(2006-11-25) [Read Detail]
 HD DVD Widely Available, Less Expensive than Blu-Ray
Affected by product delays and other issues, Blu-ray still has not outperformed HD DVD format amid higher amount of movie studios and consumer electronics companies that support the stand...
(2006-11-23) [Read Detail]
 PlayStation 3 ?An Engineering Masterpiece, Analysts Say
Sony PlayStation 3 game console is finally released and analysts say that the game console offers performance of a supercomputer, however, dissection of the console reveals that Sony Comp...
(2006-11-18) [Read Detail]
 Blu-Ray, HD DVD to Have 53 7% of DVD Market in 6 Years
A recently released report from a Monterey, California-based research firm claims that by 2009 there will be almost no video cassette recorders in use, whereas high definition digital vid...
(2006-10-12) [Read Detail]

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 Sony Wants 50% Market Share for Blu-Ray Products
Sony Corp. said on Monday it would like to dramatically boost its share on the market of Blu-ray disc (BD) supporting devices and would integrate Blu-ray optical drives into wider range of pro...
(2008-04-09) [Read Detail]
 Creative Labs SoundBlaster X-Fi 2 Incoming with Windows Vista Drivers Ready
As many consumers are furious about the lack of fully-functional SoundBlaster X-Fi drivers for Windows Vista from Creative Technology, the company is quietly preparing to roll-out its new Soun...
(2008-04-03) [Read Detail]
 Ex-Executive of Microsoft Thinks Video Game Console Will Die in a Decade
A high-ranking ex-executive of Microsoft Corp. said in an interview that dedicated video game consoles will face their dusk in five to ten years time. But while the claim may sound strange, it...
(2008-04-02) [Read Detail]
 Creative Labs: The Lack of Functionality Under Windows Vista Is Business Decision
Creative Technology, the world’s leading supplier of discrete audio cards for personal computers, has been under fire for many months due to the lack of drivers for Windows Vista that ex...
(2008-04-01) [Read Detail]
 HD DVD Format Backers Dissovle Promo Group
Following Toshiba Corp.'s cancellation of HD DVD support, other companies involved in promotion of the format have decided to cease their efforts as well. On the 28th of March the HD DVD promo...
(2008-03-29) [Read Detail]
 Blue Skies for Blu-Ray, Says THX
THX, a Lucasfilm subsidiary, said on Friday that its chief scientist never said that the future of Blu-ray disc format in the movie industry was doomed. Instead, THX fully supports the Sony- a...
(2008-03-29) [Read Detail]
 Asustek Defends Its Software-Based Support of EAX Technologies
Asustek Computer, a leading maker of computer hardware and notebooks, admitted in a statement on Thursday that accusations of Creative Technology regarding software-based support of video game...
(2008-03-28) [Read Detail]
 Too Late For Blu-Ray, Says THX
Just when it became pretty clear that Blu-ray dic (BD) format will become dominant high-definition movie format in the coming years, a scientist from THX, a Lucasfilm-owned company that deals ...
(2008-03-28) [Read Detail]
 Creative Technology Claims That Asus Audio Cards Do Not Support EAX
Asustek Computer, a leading maker of mainboards, graphics cards and other computer components, recently unveiled its new Xonar DX PCI Express 7.1 discrete audio card claiming that its new devi...
(2008-03-27) [Read Detail]
 Software Can Disable BD+ Copyright Protection on All Blu-Ray Discs
Even though copyright protection technologies are meant to exclude possibilities of copying, they do so for a limited time only. Throughout the rest time of their lifespan such technologies us...
(2008-03-22) [Read Detail]
 BD Players by Denon, Panasonic and Philips Get DivX Certificate
In an attempt to popularize Blu-ray disc (BD) players among consumers, several makers of these devices have decided to enabled playback of content encoded using DivX codec on their BD equipmen...
(2008-03-22) [Read Detail]
 Best Buy to Provide Gift Cards to HD DVD Onwers and Buy Back HD DVD Players from Customers
Best Buy, a large retail chain in the U.S., this week announced trade-in plan under which customers who acquired HD DVD players from one of its stores can bring them back and receive a certain...
(2008-03-22) [Read Detail]
 Amazon Apologizes for Low Availability of Kindle
Despite of skeptical expectations around the industry, Amazon Kindle device that enables people to read electronic books and texts faces unexpected demand that Amazon cannot meet. As a result ...
(2008-03-21) [Read Detail]
 Sony to Make PlayStation 3 the World's First Blu-Ray Profile Player in Days
Sony Computer Entertainment America announced that a new firmware for Sony PlayStation 3 game console will enable new Blu-ray playback capabilities. In particular, the PS3 will support Blu-ray...
(2008-03-21) [Read Detail]
 Apple Negotiates with Music Labels about iPod and iPhone with Lifetime iTunes Subscription
Apple, a leading producer of portable digital media players, is reportedly in talks with music labels regarding a new business model under which buyers of certain iPod and iPhone devices will ...
(2008-03-21) [Read Detail]
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