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 Intel, SiS, VIA Lose Ground in Chipset Market
As the chipset market grows, companies like Intel Corp., VIA Technologies and Silicon Integrated Systems lose market share. Meanwhile, originally graphics chip designers ATI Technologies ...
(2005-12-02) [Read Detail]
 NVIDIA Introduces New Chipsets for Gaming Platforms
NVIDIA Corp. has announced its new breed of platform processors that feature more PCI Express lanes, which may theoretically boost performance of gaming computers that feature two graphic...
(2005-08-12) [Read Detail]
 SLI on Intel Platform: Another Round of Cut-Throat Competition around the Corner
NVIDIA Corporation yesterday announced the Company will preview its upcoming NVIDIA nForce4 core-logic solutions for Intel CPUs which includes support for NVIDIA SLI graphics technology, ...
(2005-03-15) [Read Detail]
 SiS to Support AMD64 PCI Express platforms
Silicon Integrated Systems today announced their new SiS761GX integrated chipset supporting AMD64 platforms with a PCI Express x16 high-speed graphics interface. The SiS761GX is equipped ...
(2005-03-15) [Read Detail]
 Intel Releases Details on iAMT at IDF Spring 2005
At the first day of its Spring Intel Developer Forum the world's largest maker of semiconductors unveiled details of its Intel Active Management Technology (or iAMT) specification that al...
(2005-03-03) [Read Detail]

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 Mainboard Makers Bid Adieu to Nvidia Core-Logic Sets
The skies may not be blue for Nvidia, as the company is about to quit chipset business, which automatically means that the company’s much-hyped multi-GPU SLI technology is either in dang...
(2008-08-02) [Read Detail]
 Nvidia to Sell Separate Chips to Enable SLI on Intel Nehalem Platforms
Nvidia Corp. on Monday said that it would enable its technology that allows to work several graphics cards in tandem on next-generation Intel Nehalem platform with the help of a separate chip....
(2008-07-15) [Read Detail]
 Nvidia May Trade Via Support for Intel Atom License
Nvidia Corp., which supported Via Technologies in the launch of the Via Nano microprocessors just more than a month ago, may abandon its further support of Via if it gets license to develop an...
(2008-07-09) [Read Detail]
 Intel and Nvidia Have Disagreement about Quick Path Interconnect License ?Intel
Intel Corp. and Nvidia Corp. still have not reached an agreement that would allow Nvidia to develop and sell core-logic sets compatible with Intel’s next-generation processors code-named...
(2008-06-02) [Read Detail]
 Intel Validates 945GC Core-Logic to Work with Intel Atom Z500 Chips
Intel Corp. this week announced a version of its previous-generation chipset that is now compatible with forthcoming Intel Atom Z300-series microprocessors designed for cost-effective desktops...
(2008-05-29) [Read Detail]
 Intel's Next-Gen Enthusiast X58 Desktop Platform to Support One Bloomfield CPU, Four GPUs
While basic features of Intel’s next-generation desktop platform based on code-named Bloomfield processors are commonly known, more precise, but still rather general, specifications were...
(2008-05-13) [Read Detail]
 Intel's Next-Gen Enthusiast X58 Desktop Platform to Support One CPU, Four GPUs
While basic features of Intel’s next-generation desktop platform based on code-named Bloomfield processors are commonly known, more precise, but still rather general, specifications were...
(2008-05-13) [Read Detail]
 Nvidia Admits Problems with nForce 790i SLI Chipset
Nvidia Corp., a leading designer of graphics processors and chipsets, recently admitted that its most-recent chipset for Intel Corp.’s microprocessors may cause data corruption in case p...
(2008-04-18) [Read Detail]
 Nvidia and Via Want to Compete Against Intel Atom
After Intel Corp. started to promote its Intel Atom processors for ultra-mobile and low-cost devices it became clear that affordable mobile personal computers are here to stay. This may be a r...
(2008-04-11) [Read Detail]
 Intel P45 to Emerge on the Market Later than Expected
Intel Corp., the world’s largest supplier of microprocessors and chipsets, reportedly plans to delay commercial launch of its new P45 core-logic due to compatibility issues with graphics...
(2008-04-01) [Read Detail]
 Nvidia to Concentrate on Core-Logic Sets for Via Chips, Rumours Claim
There is no secret that both Advanced Micro Devices and Intel Corp. are pushing their own platforms consisting of microprocessors and chipsets with or without their own integrated graphics cor...
(2008-03-29) [Read Detail]
 AMD Announced Integrated 780 Series Chipsets
AMD today announced the availability of their new integrated chipsets from AMD 780 series designed for casual gamers and multimedia enthusiasts as the core of quiet and energy-efficient PC des...
(2008-03-05) [Read Detail]
 AMD Says It's Graphics Cards Have No PCI Express Compatibility Issues
ATI, graphics product group of Advanced Micro Devices, said that its graphics cards do not and will not have compatibility issues with aging platforms. Unlike some of the latest Nvidia GeForce...
(2008-01-26) [Read Detail]
 Via Technologies Plans Chipset Business Refocus
Via Technologies, a struggling chipset and microprocessor developer, reportedly merged its central processing units (CPUs) and chipsets divisions late last year, which may be an indicator that...
(2008-01-04) [Read Detail]
 Nvidia Postpones Supplies of New Core-Logic Sets for AMD Processors
Nvidia Corp., a leading developer of system chipsets, has reportedly postponed shipments of its new code-named MCP72 and MCP78 core-logic sets for processors by Advanced Micro Devices. The rea...
(2007-12-30) [Read Detail]
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