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 Best Overclocker Mainboard for Intel Conroe?
Those readers who have been following the paths of the first Conroe engineering samples know that there are not that many mainboards out there that can allow you to successfully overclock...
(2006-06-16) [Read Detail]
 Intel 915 and Third-Party Chipsets May Be Cedar Mill Compatible
UPDATE: Adding details regarding difference between Intel processor packaging. Adding some minor clarifications, slight differences to text layout.A few days ago some sources reported tha...
(2005-12-23) [Read Detail]
 Neoseeker Giveaway: Intel Pentium-D 830 and ECS 945 motherboard
ECS and We join forces for a holiday season giveaway!This holiday season, We has teamed up with ECS and Intel for another great giveaway!This time around, two lucky winners will each win:1 Inte...
(2005-11-30) [Read Detail]
 Gigabyte's VIA PT880 Mainboard to Support DDR via Converter
Gigabyte has developed a special converter that allows DDR memory modules to function in DDR2 slots for its GA-PT880Pro Combo mainboard. The device should ease upgrade path for those who ...
(2005-08-20) [Read Detail]
 Gigabyte Preps Mainboard with Native PCI Express x16, AGP 8x
Gigabyte Technology is exhibiting a mainboard based on VIA PT880 Pro chipset that supports Intel's processors and native PCI Express x16 and AGP 8x ports for graphics cards in a store in ...
(2005-03-29) [Read Detail]
 ASUS?Adapter Allows Pentium M, Celeron M to Operate in Desktop Platforms
The world's largest maker of mainboards ASUSTeK Computer announced on Thursday its adapter that allows installation of Intel Pentium M and Intel Celeron M processors originally developed ...
(2005-03-04) [Read Detail]

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 Hon Hai Precision Industry Set to Unveil }Fox?Brand for PC Components
Hon Hai Precision Industry is one the world’s largest contract manufacturer of personal computer components, however, it is not very well known as supplier of Foxconn-branded computer pa...
(2008-06-11) [Read Detail]
 Via Mini-ITX latform of the Future?to Sport PCI Express, DDR2, Serial ATA II
Via Technologies, a developer of central processing units, core-logic sets and other chips, on Thursday unveiled its mini-ITX 2.0 specification for next-generation miniature personal computers...
(2008-06-06) [Read Detail]
 Abit Remains Committed to Motherboards, but Promises Overdose of New Products
Abit, a division of Universal Scientific Industrial (USI), on Wednesday denied report about its possible intention to quit mainboard business. The company indicated that it remains committed t...
(2008-05-29) [Read Detail]
 Abit May Quit Mainboard Market
Due to decreasing sales of mainboards, well-known motherboard maker Abit may quit this market in order to focus on other components of personal computers. The actual decision has not been made...
(2008-05-28) [Read Detail]
 First Tier Mainboard Makers Face Legal Dispute
Just a little less than two years after Asustek Computer and Gigabyte Technology attempted to form a joint venture to produce computer components, Asustek accused Gigabyte of defamatory claims...
(2008-05-28) [Read Detail]
 Via Releases Epia PX5000EG Platform
Via Technologies has unveiled what it calls the worlds lowest power x86 platform that comes in pico-ITX form-factor. The product is aimed at designers of various embedded solutions and provide...
(2008-05-20) [Read Detail]
 Intel X48-Based Platforms to Show Up Shortly
Leading makers of mainboards have reportedly started shipments of their products based on Intel Corp.’s not-yet-officially-unveiled Intel X48 core-logic. The actual motherboards may emer...
(2008-03-14) [Read Detail]
 AMD Initiates Shipments of AMD Phenom 8000-Series Microprocessors
Advanced Micro Devices on Thursday said it had begun shipments of its triple-core central processing units (CPUs) to large makers of personal computers (PCs). AMD Phenom 8000-series microproce...
(2008-03-14) [Read Detail]
 Centrino Atom Launch Poses Problems for VIA and SiS
A few days ago Intel announced their new Atom and Centrino Atom brands. As we know, they will be offering Silverthorne and Diamondville codenamed processors under their Atom brand name that wi...
(2008-03-07) [Read Detail]
 MSI Presents the Air Power Chipset Cooler with ECO Design
Energy conservation and clean environment are the two primary matters that most computer hardware manufacturers take into account first hand lately. For example, CPU makers introduce power-sav...
(2008-03-06) [Read Detail]
 MSI Presents the Air Power Cooler Chipset Cooler with ECO Design
Energy conservation and clean environment are the two primary matters that most computer hardware manufacturers take into account first hand lately. For example, CPU makers introduce power-sav...
(2008-03-06) [Read Detail]
 Gigabyte-Based Personal Computers to Dynamically Manage Power Consumption
Gigabyte United, a leading producer of motherboards and various computer components, on Wednesday unveiled a range of its mainboards that feature Gigabyte Dynamic Energy Saver technology. The ...
(2008-01-18) [Read Detail]
 MSI Readies BIOS to EFI Switch
MicroStar International (MSI), one of the world’s largest makers of computer mainboards and other components, plans to start transition to Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI) in February...
(2008-01-17) [Read Detail]
 Asustek Expects No Impact from IBM's Accusations
Asustek Computer, a leading supplier of computer components and notebooks, said in a statement at Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE) that it had never violated patents of IBM Corp. and that it is abl...
(2008-01-12) [Read Detail]
 With Asustek Split Into Three, Foxconn May Become the No 1 Mainboard Maker
After Asustek Computer, the world’s largest maker of computer mainboards, was split into three companies on the 1st of January, 2008, Foxconn Electronics, a major contract manufacturer o...
(2008-01-03) [Read Detail]
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