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PowerColor Radeon HD 5750 Roundup

Date: 2009-10-27

   Mainstream OffensiveWhat else can be said about ATI's newest Evergreen cards that haven't already been said? In a short span of a month, ATI has rolled out not just one, not two, but four new c...

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Unfulfilled Potential

This is ATI's fourth card in the span of a month and although it is the least powerful Evergreen card we've seen thus far, its performance suggests that it will suffice for most mainstream and casual gamers. It matches the older Radeon HD 4850 and also the GeForce GTS 250, while using less power and offering more features (although whether it'll have enough mojo to drive three monitors for gaming is suspect).

Like the Radeon HD 5770 before it, the Radeon HD 5750 doesn't make new grounds. ATI has suggested a retail price of US$109 to US$129, which means it costs just about as much as the last-generation Radeon HD 4850 and the GeForce GTS 250. As such, the HD 5750 feels more like an update to the older HD 4850. DirectX 11 support, EyeFinity and lower power consumption figures are a boon to be sure, but given that NVIDIA is still a long way from rolling out their Fermi cards, ATI has the luxury of being first in the market and as such has priced the new HD 5750 practically rather than attractively. A lower price point would certainly make the card more enticing, but that looks like something we'll only see in the future after the NVIDIA's Fermi cards are ready.

In our local market, the Radeon HD 5750 cards are going for around S$200 to S$220, which is about what you would pay for a 1GB variant of the Radeon HD 4850. Against the GeForce GTS 250, however, the HD 5750 is much better value since the 1GB variants of the GTS 250 are commanding around S$250.

PowerColor Radeon HD 5750 Roundup
Offering similar performance to the older Radeon HD 4850, the new Radeon HD 5750 can be best described as an update of the former but with better efficiency, DirectX 11 support and EyeFinity.

In the case of the PowerColor PCS 5750 PE, we've been told that its recommended retail price is US$139, which is a tad more, but wholly justifiable considering the custom cooler from ZEROtherm and the bundled Dirt 2 game bundle.

In summary, the Radeon HD 5750 is a great chip offering great performance and features with a very low power draw, but without pressure from NVIDIA, ATI is taking it easy and hasn't priced it as attractive as they could have. We reckon that a price drop would make the Radeon HD 5750 irresistible to those still sitting on the fence.

Final Ratings

PowerColor Radeon HD 5750 Roundup
The PowerColor PCS HD 5750 Premium Edition

PowerColor Radeon HD 5750 Roundup

PowerColor Radeon HD 5750 Roundup
The Radeon HD 5750 SKU

PowerColor Radeon HD 5750 Roundup

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