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 Sapphire Creates Foundation for Quad CrossFire
Sapphire Technologies, the main add-in card partner of Advanced Micro Devices?graphics division ATI, has ¥Enternally?demonstrated its dual-chip Radeon X1950 Pro, which is expected to be p...
(2006-12-23) [Read Detail]
 ATI R600 Chip Pictures Surface, Launch Date Rumoured
Southeast Asia-based media has published photos of what is claimed to be ATI's next-generation R600 graphics processing unit (GPU). Without giving any particular details, the photos revea...
(2006-11-25) [Read Detail]
 New Software Suite for Testing Graphics Cards Coming
Candella Software, an independent contract software developer from the UK, announced Tuesday the release of a new benchmark that is set to demonstrate the benefits of the most advanced ha...
(2006-11-01) [Read Detail]
 Web-Site Publishes Asus EN8800GTX Details
An Asian web-site has published several details concerning Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTX graphics card from Asustek Computer that do not reveal any performance or micro-architectural peculiarit...
(2006-10-24) [Read Detail]
 Web-Site Displays Pictures of Nvidia G80 Prototype
A web-site has published photos of what it claims to be a graphics card based on Nvidia's code-named G80 graphics processing unit (GPU). The new board looks long and uses a new cooler wit...
(2006-09-30) [Read Detail]
 Galaxy Shows Off Dual GeForce 7600 GT, Dual GeForce 7900 GT
Graphics cards maker Galaxy Technology is showcasing at Computex Taipei 2006 exhibition its dual-chip graphics cards that carry two GeForce 7900 GT or GeForce 7600 GT graphics processors ...
(2006-06-08) [Read Detail]

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 AMD: Do Not Expect ATI Mobility Radeon to Suffer from Faulty Packaging Like Nvidia's GeForce
ATI, graphics product group of Advanced Micro Devices, has issued a statement to its partners claiming that its ATI Mobility Radeon graphics processing units (GPUs) have no issues with packagi...
(2008-07-31) [Read Detail]
 DisplayPort and HDMI to Share the Markets
Even though both DisplayPort and High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) were developed with different priorities in mind, their co-existence on the market inevitably means competition bet...
(2008-07-29) [Read Detail]
 Resellers Want to Return Potentially Faulty Nvidia GeForce Graphics Boards to Makers
Nvidia Corp. recently announced that it had detected issues with chipsets and graphics processing units (GPUs) in certain mobile computers and said it would have to replace the parts. Shortly ...
(2008-07-26) [Read Detail]
 ATI, Nvidia, Microsoft to Discuss DirectX 11 Techniques at XNA, Siggraph
Unlike DirectX 9, the DirectX 10 will not have a more than four year lifespan as Microsoft Corp. plans to introduce features of DirectX 11 application programming interface at the forthcoming ...
(2008-07-18) [Read Detail]
 EVGA and XFX to Return Money to GeForce GTX 200 Purchasers
EVGA and XFX, two leading suppliers of Nvidia-based graphics cards, plan to return up to $125 to those, who acquired latest Nvidia GeForce GTX 200-series graphics cards before their prices col...
(2008-07-17) [Read Detail]
 PCI-SIG Approves ATI RV730, M98-L, M96 Graphics Chips
The release of ATI Radeon HD 4800-series graphics cards by ATI, graphics product group of Advanced Micro Devices, demonstrated that the company is completely capable of releasing advanced grap...
(2008-07-17) [Read Detail]
 LucidLogix Unveils Hydra Distributed Processing Engine
Nowadays performance of multi-chip graphics sub-systems substantially depends on software optimizations. However, LucidLogix Technologies plans to change this with the help of its distributed ...
(2008-07-16) [Read Detail]
 ATI Touts 8-Way ATI CrossFireX Multi-GPU Technology
ATI, graphics product group of Advanced Micro Devices, said that it would release two versions of its high-end dual-chip ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2 graphics cards to target different market segment...
(2008-07-13) [Read Detail]
 Intel: Nvidia's CUDA, AMD's CTM are ¤†nteresting Footnote?of History
Developers of graphics processing units (GPUs) have been talking about the possibility of general-purpose (GP) computing on graphics chips for over six years now, however, very few actual have...
(2008-07-08) [Read Detail]
 Nvidia Intends to Drop Price of GeForce GTX 200-Series Graphics Cards
Nvidia Corp., the world’s No. 1 supplier of discrete graphics processing units, plans to further reduce pricing of its high-end graphics cards to sustain its market share, market rumours...
(2008-07-05) [Read Detail]
 16:9 Panels to Replace 16:10 Panels, Says Research Firm
For years widescreen computer displays have used 16:10 panels, whereas consumer electronics utilized 16:9 panels. However, DisplaySearch market research firm predicts that personal computers w...
(2008-07-05) [Read Detail]
 Nvidia Issues Warning Following Issues with Chipsets, Graphics Processors
Nvidia Corp., the world’s largest supplier of graphics processing units, has issued a warning regarding lower sales during the ongoing quarter. The company blamed issues with its chipset...
(2008-07-04) [Read Detail]
 ATI, Diamond Bid on Overclocked ATI Radeon HD 4870 to Crash Nvidia's GeForce 200 GTX
Diamond Multimedia, a well-known supplier of graphics cards in the USA, has unveiled its new graphics board that would be, at least initially, available exclusively from a builder of high-end ...
(2008-07-02) [Read Detail]
 AMD Unveils ATI All-In-Wonder HD Graphics Card
ATI All-In-Wonder graphics cards were hardly overwhelmingly popular among gamers, but were rather popular among multimedia fans. However, at some point ATI decided to stop selling such product...
(2008-07-01) [Read Detail]
 ATI Radeon to Command Larger Part of the Market
Graphics cards makers expect ATI, graphics product group of Advanced Micro Devices, to gain market share in the third quarter as a result of ATI Radeon HD 4800-series graphics processors launc...
(2008-06-28) [Read Detail]
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