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Foxconn ELA Review

Date: 2008-10-3

   ConclusionThe Foxconn Digital Life ELA isn't an overclocking board but it has an overclocking board price. Priced at $240 on Newegg, this board is competing against boards such as the Gigabyte ...

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The Foxconn Digital Life ELA

Foxconn is a manufacturing powerhouse based out of Taiwan. They manufacture a large portion of the electronics that we use in our lives. Today we've got their Digital Life P45 ELA motherboard up for review. Lately, Foxconn has been making waves in the enthusiast sector with their P35 Mars and X48 BlackOps motherboards but with this board they are targeting a different group: the multimedia enthusiast.

Foxconn ELA Review

Instead of focusing solely on overclocking, the Digital Life P45 ELA offers the consumer a blend of overclocking performance, many expansion options, and plenty of media connections. A selling point of this board is the ability for it to pull double-duty in streaming audio. It is able to output two separate sound streams making it possible to be a central HTPC capable of filling in as an HTPC and music center at the same time.

Besides its audio capabilities, the Digital Life ELA comes packed full of features including 12 USB ports, 6 SATA ports, 2 eSATA ports, three FireWire ports, one FireWire mini port, three PCIe x8 slots, and legacy support for PATA and FDD devices. If you'd like even more details about this board feel free to check out Foxconn's website on the Digital Life ELA.

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