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palmOne Tungsten T5 Review

Date: 2005-2-7

   PDAs have been around for a long time and though I have used a lot of different ones I have avoided getting too attached to any of them. My life consists, at any given time, of dozens of little...

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palmOne Tungsten T5 Review

Before we get into how my trial with the product went we should look at some specs and see what this product is really made of. The first thing palmOne says about this product is how it has 256MB of storage; this fact is littered all over the press kit, the manual, the web site, where ever I looked. This is pretty impressive but every time I read it I noticed a superscript number right after the storage figure. The footnotes informed me that the "Actual Memory" available to users is 215MB, 160MB internal flash and 55MB of program memory for apps and data.

palmOne Tungsten T5 Review

The T5 also uses a new drag-and-drop file system which works with the Documents to Go program which makes file transfers easier and quicker than ever. Using the USB connection and Drive Mode the T5 can be made into a USB storage device, which is plug-and-play with any other computer out there, regardless of them having Palm software installed or not.

The unit itself is 4.76" x 3.08" x 0.61" and weighs in at just 5.1 oz. This means that it can fit in you designer jeans or jacket pocket without difficulty. It uses a 320x480 Transflectiver TFT display which is touch sensitive, supports over 65,000 colors, and will put your color cell phone to shame. It is powered by a 416Mhz Intel Xscale processor. The T5 supports MultiMediaCard, SD, and SDIO expansion cards.

The Palm desktop software is version 4.1 and comes with lots of programs which do much to justify the cost of the PDA. In addition to what you would expect, like a notepad, calender, calculator, contact list, memo pad, web browser, and mail program there are useful programs like a media player for pictures and video, a Real player which supports MP3s, and a nice suite of everyday programs, like those from MS Office and Adobe's Acrobat. Using the included software it is really easy to add applications that you may need or prefer, chances are these are just going to be games though...

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