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Albatron PX915P Pro Review

Date: 2004-12-28

   ConclusionThe combination of excellent price (about $100), features, and performance makes the PX915P Pro another winner from Albatron. For those that wish to stay firmly in the Intel camp, thi...

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Similar to when Intel went from Coppermine to Willamette, the change from Northwood to Prescott requires quite a few system changes, not just a new CPU and motherboard. For those looking to upgrade their Socket 478 (or earlier) systems to a new 775 system, a board like Albatron's ?Mars?PX915P Pro can make the change a bit less painful, as your standard DDR can come along for the ride. How does the board perform? Read on.

Albatron PX915P Pro Review

The box sports yet another change from the last Albatron motherboard I looked at. (Granted that was awhile ago). The shiny insect things have given way to a Martian landscape, with a rather ?interesting?interpretation of what a Martian might look like, and some sort of flying robot creature, with luggage castors for legs. I just call it like I see it, folks.

Albatron PX915P Pro Review

Box aside, the usual Albatron features are present. As this is a more value oriented ?Pro?motherboard rather than a full-featured ?ProII? the bundle is a little lighter than some other Albatron boards I have tested, but rest assured everything you need to get started is all here, including a 4-port USB bracket. I wish more boards would come with these.

Albatron PX915P Pro Review

Other contents are the driver CD, a manual for the board and a small guide to the RAID controller, as well as Albatron's very useful quick start guide. Now, on to the board itself.

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