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ABIT Presents The CES-Fatal1ty

Date: 2005-1-6

   January 4, 2005 ?As the world's largest technology tradeshow, CES 2005 is a showcase of the latest and greatest technologies the industry has to offer. ABIT Computer Corporation, a leader in hi...

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[title]ABIT Presents The CES-Fatal1ty[/title]
January 4, 2005 ?As the world's largest technology tradeshow, CES 2005 is a showcase of the latest and greatest technologies the industry has to offer. ABIT Computer Corporation, a leader in high-performance motherboards, video cards, and server solutions will the there in full force to demonstrate its BulletProof Technology ?a new standard in quality, stability, reliability and engineering. Always the innovator, ABIT will also show its ultimate pro gaming Fatal1ty motherboard line, revolutionary µGuru?Technology, as well as a few surprises.

At the show, ABIT will introduce our latest foray into the realm of PC Gaming. Following the success of ABIT Fatal1ty AA8XE motherboard, we will showcase the nVIDIA nForce 4 Ultra-based Fatal1ty AN8 Pro Gaming Motherboard, featuring our latest and greatest technologies like DualOTES? AudioMAX, OTES RAMFlow? and µGuru ?

Combining strong features and breakneck performance in the first ever PCI-Express motherboards for AMD platform, the AX8, powered by VIA K8T890/VT8237, and the nVIDIA nForce3 based NF8, will be just some of the most interesting products on display. AX8 and AN8 motherboards have been on the must-have lists of many PC enthusiasts across North America.

When looking for the ultimate ATi graphic solution, many turn to ABIT's award winning line of VGA cards. At CES, event-goers can witness the power of ABIT vGuru Technology that offers unmatched overclocking and system management options. Our latest RX800XL, RX850-XT, RX700-256Mb Pro PCIe, and RX600 Pro-Guru will also be available to preview.

Also, along with Creative Labs and AMD, ABIT will present “The CES-Fatal1ty Ultimate Gaming Shootout? The ABIT Fatal1ty Shootouts are competitions open to event attendees who want the chance to play against the world's best-known professional gamer. Competitions consist of 1v1 matches for 5-minutes or 6 frags (points), whichever comes first. Prizes are awarded for any points scored, with $5000 going to the first challenger to defeat Fatal1ty at CES. Additional valuable prizes will be awarded to other contestants who also have what it takes to beat Fatal1ty.

I’m very excited to participate in the ultimate video gaming shootout at the International CES,?commented Johnathan “Fatal1ty?Wendel. “I welcome any and all challengers to play against me at the event, which draws gamers from around the world.?br />
Fatal1ty Shootouts are open to fellow gamers of all skill levels that wish to test their abilities against the world's best known gamer. Shootouts will be contested on Fatal1ty/PWX concept systems as at all previous events. Fatal1ty Shootouts are presently being held at a number of European events on Fatal1ty's Euro Tour II and have also been contested at The Great Wall of China, in Moscow's Red Square and London's Leicester Square.

Also on the agenda are daily ABIT Overclocking Clinics. Find out how you can maximize your hardware for peak gaming performance from the overclocking experts. ABIT OC expert Harry Yen is slated to demonstrate how various ABIT Engineered technologies, including OC Guru?and AutoDrive? help give gamers the edge in competition. ABIT Overclocking Clinics are scheduled for around 10:30am and 1.30pm daily, so keep your ears open for ABIT announcements. All clinic attendees are eligible to win some awesome ABIT gear, including legendary ABIT AV8-3rd Eye, KV8 Pro motherboards and ABIT VGA cards! To be a part of the ABIT fun you will need to be present and participate in Overclocking Clinics to win!

The excitement doesn't stop there, as spectators and contestants will be able to purchase top-notch hardware any gamer could dream of at the best prices at New Egg's terminal right in the Fatal1ty booth!

“Showcasing these gaming events with Fatal1ty, ABIT, Creative Labs and AMD, helps bring attention to this dynamic product category,?said Karen Chupka, vice president of conferences and events for the Consumer Electronics Association, the producer of the International CES. “These competitions will bring additional energy and fun to the Central Plaza, which promises to be a must-attend venue at the show.?br />

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