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GIGABYTE Outflanks Rivals Launching an Internal 16X DVD Dual with 8X DVD+RW Writing and 6X DVD-RW

Date: 2005-1-25

   Taipei, Taiwan; Jan 19, 2005 ?What is the ultimate speed for DVD dual nowadays? The answer definitely is 16X, but how about the speed of re-writing? All current DVD dual drives on the market ha...

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[title]GIGABYTE Outflanks Rivals Launching an Internal 16X DVD Dual with 8X DVD+RW Writing and 6X DVD-RW[/title]
Taipei, Taiwan; Jan 19, 2005 ?What is the ultimate speed for DVD dual nowadays? The answer definitely is 16X, but how about the speed of re-writing? All current DVD dual drives on the market have 4X DVD+/-RW rewriting speeds at best. GIGABYTE Technology, a worldwide leader of high-performance optical devices, today unveils its latest model of internal DVD Dual Drives ?the GO-W1616A. It supports both 16X DVD+/-R writing and 4X DVD+R double layer writing technology. The distinct advantage this product has is an impressive rewriting speed of up to 8X DVD+RW and 6X DVD-RW. GIGABYTE has broken through the physical limit with its superior RD team.

With the rapid growth of digital multimedia entertainment and increased demand for larger storage capacity for video and audio content, the GO-W1616A has become a useful device providing both faster 16X DVD+R and DVD-R writing speed and full support of the most popular DVD write formats. The GO-W1616A creates DVD discs up to 8.5GB or 4 hours playback time which can be played or read by most DVD-ROM drives and DVD players. It offers the most for providing flexibility and high speed in multimedia data storage. The GO-W1616A's advanced technology and high compatibility, coupled with GIGABYTE experience makes it the perfect solution for beginners and power-users.

Adopting a dual DVD/RW design, the GO-W1616A supports 16X DVD+R Write / 16X DVD-R write / 4X double layer DVD+R / 8X DVD+ ReWrite / 6X DVD-ReWrite / 16X DVD-ROM-Read / 48X CD-Write / 24X CD Re-Write / 48X CD-ROM-Read. In addition, with GIGABYTE I.B.S technology, it prevents buffer under-run problems eliminating the creation of CD and DVD coasters. Furthermore, i-Speed Technology can intelligently adjust reading speed and innovative i-Burn Technology will automatically adjust to the optimum burning speed during the recording process according to media type therein providing safety and quality throughout your burning process.

The GO-W1616A is a powerful solution for fast data accessing and keeps stable and reliable data. It's able to satisfy a variety of multimedia needs from reproducing memory-intensive video sequences on DVD with optimal digital image quality or playing full-length films. The functionally versatile GO-W1616A delivers smooth and efficient performance. If youqe looking to make a copy of memorable moments in your life to share with your family and friends anywhere anytime, GIGABYTE DVD-Dual drive is the key to high-speed, effective DVD burning.

Supports 4X Double layer DVD+R and 8X DVD+RW

The GIGABYTE GO-W1616A can support the latest generation 8.5GB double layer DVD+R9 technology with 4X writing speed; it is the future trend for large capacity media. Capabilities for the wide array of media formats are always very important. End-users want to burn without being concerned by the type of discs. The GO-W1616A supports DVD+RW rewriting speeds of up to 8X s, and DVD-RW up to 6X - the highest speed on the market!

Intelligent Burning SuperLink (I.B.S) Technology

This technology prevents errors from occurring when data flow to the drive is interrupted during the recording process due to slow source-drive performance, PC configuration problems, or when running other applications.

i-Burn (Intelligent Burn) Technology

The ability of GO-W1616A to read different types of compact discs varies based on the qualities of the discs and the type of data written to the discs. GIGABYTE's i-burn technology is utilized to take full advantage of the latest, high-performance DVD/RW media to optimize recording speed and reliability. It continuously checks and evaluates the writing quality while recording is in process to ensure the quality of backup data.

i-Speed (Intelligent Speed) Technology

The GO-W1616A is capable of auto-detecting the discs?format and auto-adjusting the to optimal speed for a variety of discs. The GO-W1616A can intelligently adjust reading speeds depending on the media, resulting in benefits such as saving power, saving CPU resources, increasing a product's lifespan, and maximizing work efficiency.

VRS & Ultra Quiet

The advanced design of the VRS (Vibration Reduction System) has been engineered to reduce vibration, perform nearly silently and also provide better stability when the drive is operating at high speed.

Extra stylish black Bezel

Nowadays, several chassis colours are available in the market. So to fulfill various end user demands, GIGABYTE includes a free bonus stylish black bezel for replacement, to match your casing. Users can change the bezel whenever they choose.

For additional information about GIGABYTE optical storage devices, please visit the company homepage at

GO-W1616A Features:

Writing speed

4X DVD+R (DL) /
48X CD-R

Reading speed

16X DVD+/-R

Special features

I.B.S Technology
i-Burn Technology
i-Speed Technology
VRS & Ultra Quiet design
Vertical & Horizontal mounting

Support disc format

CD family:
CD-DA, CD-TEXT, CD ROM Mode-1,CD-ROM/XA Mode-2 Form-1 and Form-2,CD-I Ready, Video-CD, Karaoke-CD, Photo-CD, Enhance CD, CD extra, UDF(fixed/variable Packet mode),

DVD family:
DVD-ROM, DVD-Video, DVD-Audio, DVD-R single/multi border(s), DVD+R single/multi session(s)DVD+R/DVD+R9 single/multi session(s)DVD-RW / DVD+RW
Support writing method
DAO, TAO, SAO, Variable Packet Write, Fixed Packet Write

Operating system


Software bundle

Latest version Nero Express 6 and Power DVD

Packing contents

Drive x1, screws x4, Quick installation guide x1, Audio cable x1, Power DVD x1, Latest version Nero express x1, Quick replacement guide x1, extra bezel x1


GIGABYTE Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1986 and has earned a global reputation for its outstanding achievements in the motherboard industry by upholding the concepts of innovation, quality and reliability. Over the years, GIGABYTE has won recognition and numerous awards, such as the Golden Brains Prize, the Taiwan National Award of Excellence for achieving a 100% winning rate for the products submitted, and the Taiwan National Quality Award. These achievements prove that GIGABYTE not only has the ability to deliver innovative technologies, but also to develop award-winning computing solutions. Additionally, in 2003, GIGABYTE was nominated as the No.1 motherboard manufacturer by PC Magazine Taiwan for the third year in a row.

GIGABYTE is dedicated to providing customers with only the best products -from concept and design, to mass production, all the way to integration. GIGABYTE's product family represents a complete computing solution, from motherboards, graphics cards, PC peripherals, notebooks, to wireless networking and servers. The spirit of pgrade Your Life?at GIGABYTE is clearly reflected through its commitment to researching newer technologies and ensuring product quality. Now and in the future, GIGABYTE will continue to follow its vision of becoming the most valuable provider of computing solutions in the world.
For more information about GIGABYTE, please visit its official website at:

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