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 Apple Reportedly Readies Blu-Ray Equipped Computers
In a an attempt to offer Macintosh uses high definition videos, following Toshiba, Sony and others, Apple Computer is expected to release its first systems with Blu-ray drives in the begi...
(2006-11-23) [Read Detail]
 16GB in Your Wallet
We have already introduced to you the DRAM memory modules from the Taiwanese PQI company in our Memory section. Like most other Taiwanese memory makers, PQI have also gone into the flash ...
(2006-04-29) [Read Detail]
 Plextor's External HDDs Withstand Shocks and Bumps
Plextor Corp., a leading maker of digital media equipment, has unveiled its PX-SP series hard disk drives that come equipped with special jackets that absorb drops or bumps and provide hi...
(2006-04-19) [Read Detail]
Creative today announced the official opening of its first Creative Store at Marina Square - right in the heart of one of Singapore£ªs busiest and most vibrant shopping belts.
(2006-03-31) [Read Detail]
 OCZ Unveils USB Rally Flash Product Series
OCZ Technology Group, a leading maker of memory modules targeted at performance enthusiasts, announced this week its lineup of USB 2.0 flash drives, which, the company claims, are the fas...
(2005-09-03) [Read Detail]
 Pioneer's Blu-Ray Disc Recorder for PC Already Exists
Pioneer Electronics, a supporter of Blu-ray standard, will make Blu-ray burners that can read and record typical DVDs as well as BDs, and it is expected that the device is likely to hit t...
(2005-08-31) [Read Detail]

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 Western Digital Takes Over ST Microelectronics?Hard Drive Controller IP, Team
In an effort to create a fully integrated hard disk drive (HDD) manufacturer, Western Digital Corp. acquired ST Microelectronics’ hard drive controller (HDC) development team along with ...
(2008-07-26) [Read Detail]
 WD Launches Enterprise Version of VelociRaptor
Western Digital, a leading maker of hard disk drives (HDDs) on Wednesday unveiled a version of its WD VelociRaptor hard drive designed for enterprise and business customers. The novelty should...
(2008-07-25) [Read Detail]
 SanDisk: Vista Is Not Optimized for Flash Memory Solid State Disk
While solid state drives (SSDs) promise massive performance increases along with boosted reliability compared to hard disk drives (HDDs), not a lot of customers adopt them now since actual ben...
(2008-07-24) [Read Detail]
 JEDEC Announces Dedicated Subcommittee to Set Standards for SSDs
Following announcement of the intention to standardize solid state drives (SSDs) last August and a subsequent survey of storage industry companies, a subcommittee scope was defined to develop ...
(2008-07-19) [Read Detail]
 Seagate Increases Hard Drive Capacity to 1500GB
Seagate Technoogy, the world's largest producer of hard disk drives (HDDs), on Friday unveiled the world's first hard disk drive with 1.5TB capacity. The new product features four platters wit...
(2008-07-13) [Read Detail]
 Samsung Initiates Mass Production of Relatively Affordable 128GB SSDs
Samsung Electronics, the world’s largest producer of memory, has begun mass producing 1.8” and 2.5” multi-level cell (MLC)-based solid state drives (SSD) with a 128GB storage...
(2008-07-11) [Read Detail]
 Pioneer Creates 400GB Blu-Ray Disc
Pioneer Corp. said on Monday that it had succeeded in developing a 16-layer read-only optical disc with a capacity of 400GB for the first time in the world. According to Pioneer, the discs man...
(2008-07-08) [Read Detail]
 Dell, Hitachi, WD Accused of Infringing Vibration Control Technology Patents
Convolve, an engineering company that specializes in generating optimized trajectories to improve the performance of motion control systems, has filed lawsuits against Dell, Hitachi Global Sto...
(2008-06-25) [Read Detail]
 Analysts Expect Seagate to Acquire Flash Memory Maker
Seagate Technology has publicly revealed that it would enter the market of flash-based solid-state drives in 2009, but target only enterprise customers initially. Despite of relatively low vol...
(2008-06-25) [Read Detail]
 SpinPoint M6 500GB to Sell at the Price of 1TB Desktop Drives
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. announced today the mass production of the world's highest capacity hard drive for laptops - the new Spinpoint M6. It features a stunning 500GB priced at $299 MSR...
(2008-06-20) [Read Detail]
 WD Unwraps New 1TB Caviar Hard Drives
Western Digital, the world’s second largest maker of hard disk drives (HDDs), has unveiled a new series of hard drives that feature large cache, advanced controller, advanced mechanical ...
(2008-06-13) [Read Detail]
 Seagate Announces Third Generation Savvio Hard Drives for Enterprises
Seagate Technology on Monday unveiled its third generation Savvio hard disk drives designed for enterprises and also the world’s first small form-factor HDDs with Serial Attached SCSI 75...
(2008-06-04) [Read Detail]
 SanDisk Jumps on Ultra Low Cost Personal Computers Bandwagon with pSSD Lineup
SanDisk Corp., a leading maker of flash-based products, unveiled at Computex Taipei 2008 its family of low-cost solid-state drives for Parallel ATA interface (pSSDs). The new drives are specif...
(2008-06-04) [Read Detail]
 Hard Disk Drive Market Unaffected by Slowing Economy ?IDC
In spite of economy slowdown, the market of hard disk drives (HDDs) will continue to grow in the coming years thanks to growing need for larger capacities, claim recent researches from IDC mar...
(2008-06-03) [Read Detail]
 Seagate Promises 2TB Drives and Solid State Drives in 2009
Seagate Technology, the world’s top supplier of hard disk drives (HDDs), has promised to release a 2TB (2000GB) hard drive sometime in 2009. In addition, next year the company will relea...
(2008-06-02) [Read Detail]
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