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VIA announces dual graphics solution

Date: 2005-11-25

   VIA has announced their K8T900 chipset which will add full support for dual graphics solutions among other things.Taipei, Taiwan, November 22 2005 - VIA Technologies, Inc, a leadinginnovator an...

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VIA has announced their K8T900 chipset which will add full support for dual graphics solutions among other things.

Taipei, Taiwan, November 22 2005 - VIA Technologies, Inc, a leadinginnovator and developer of silicon chip technologies and PC platformsolutions, today announced that VIA's latest high performance chipsetfor the AMD platform, the VIA K8T900, is sampling to leadingmotherboard partners to create platforms tailored for the PCenthusiast market.

Integrating VIA's proprietary RapidFire technology that incorporatesa number of PCI Express enhancements, the VIA K8T900 offersexceptional performance across the board, while also featuringindustry leading low power consumption. With the Flex Expressarchitecture the VIA K8T900 supports advanced connectivity optionsincluding dual x8 PCI Express connections for the latestmulti-graphics card configurations or alternatively a standard singlex16 PCI Express graphics connection. In combination with the VIAVT8251 South Bridge the K8T900 platform offers unparalled peripheralsupport with an additional six x1 PCI Express connections, as well assupporting up to four high speed SATA 3.0Gb/s hard drives, and VIAVinyl High Definition audio.

"The VIA K8T900 chipset continues a strong path of support for allmarket segments of the AMD platform," commented Chewei Lin, VicePresident of Product Marketing, VIA Technologies, Inc. "VIA's highperformance RapidFire technology, combined with dual x8 PCI Expressgraphics connections, makes VIA K8T900 an unbeatable platform for theenthusiast community delivering high levels of performance, a premiumfeature set, and unparalleled stability and compatibility."

VIA has also been working very closely with S3 Graphics to ensuresupport for upcoming MultiChrome technology enabling two or moreChrome S27 cards to operate together enabling higher levels of 3Dacceleration. To ensure premium support for MultiChromeconfigurations, the VIA K8T900's dual x8 PCI Express connectionsensure plenty of graphics bandwidth, together with special attentionto chipset features that enable high speed communication between thegraphic cards without the need for special connectors or cables.

"MultiChrome technology is a standard feature in all graphics cardsbased on our Chrome S27 graphics processors providing a powerfulupgrade path for gamers looking for cost effective high performance 3Daction," commented Dr. Ken Weng, General Manager of S3 Graphics. "S3Graphics has been working very closely with VIA in the development ofour MultiChrome technology, and based on its outstanding performancewe certainly consider VIA K8T900 as today's premium platform tosupport MultiChrome configurations."

Designed to support a complete range of AMD Athlon 64, and AMDAthlon 64 FX processors, the VIA K8T900 delivers a leading edgeplatform for PC Enthusiasts. Featuring VIA RapidFire technology forleading performance, the VIA K8T900 also integrates a single x16 PCIGraphics card connection or alternatively two x8 PCI Expressconnections supporting for the latest high performance multi graphicscard configurations. In addition the VIA K8T900 supports an additionalfour x1 PCI Express connections to the latest PCI Express peripheraldevices. In combination with the latest VIA VT8251 South Bridge theVIA K8T900 platform offers leading edge connectivity with support foran additional two x1 PCI Express connections, four SATA 3.0Gb/sconnections with VIA V-RAID support, and the VIA Vinyl Audio suiteincluding support for High Definition audio. VIA K8T900 is alsodesigned to be pin-for-pin compatible with existing VIA K8T890 chipsetplatforms.

The new chipset is scheduled to be available in the first quarter of 2006. The release also makes note of the S27 Delta Chrome graphics card which we reported on earlier.

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