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Abit AG8 Review

Date: 2005-2-15

   The first thing I have to say about the ABIT AG8 is that it is the best overclocking 915P motherboard we have tested on spective so far. It was able to do an amazing 261MHz clock (1044MHz bus ...

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The BIOS on the ABIT AG8 is similar to any ABIT motherboard featuring uGuru, so if you’ve used one of these boards recently you know exactly what to expect. All overclocking and tweaking features are under a special menu called uGuru which is broken down into overclocking (“OC Guru? and system monitoring (“ABIT EQ?.

OC Guru (overclocking options)

Clock Frequencies

100 - 400MHz (400 - 1600MHz Bus Speed)

CPU Multipliers

14x - 18x (1x increments)

CPU Voltages (VCore)

1.3625V - 1.7125V (image)

DDR RAM Frequencies

333MHz, 400MHz

DDR RAM Voltages (VDIMM)

2.50V ?3.20V (image)

CPU:DRAM Ratio (NB Strap)

533, 800, Auto

Chipset Voltages

1.50V ?2.05V (0.05V increments)

PCI Express Frequencies


PCI Frequencies

33, 36, 40MHz

Abit AG8 Review
 Abit AG8 Review

Left: Frequency and voltage options.
Right: Computer power cycle statistics.


These settings are great for overclockers, but it’s also beneficial to those looking to run quiet computers. By adjusting your monitoring settings and fan speeds, you can finely tune the noise and cooling of the system.

Abit AG8 Review
 Abit AG8 Review

Left: Temperature monitor with shutdown and beep options.
Right: Voltage monitor with shutdown and beep options.

Abit AG8 Review
 Abit AG8 Review

Left: Fan RPM monitor with shutdown and beep options.
Right: Fan throttle control. Adjust the low and high RPMs you want,
and the temperatures at which they are activated.

Memory Adjustments

Abit AG8 Review

Your 4 basic memory timings.

Memory timings can be found in the Advanced Chipset menu. The AG8 offers your typical 4-setting memory adjustment.


Now let’s put ABIT’s enthusiast support to the test. To test overclocking, I dropped the multiplier to 14x (from the default 18x) and the memory frequency to 333MHz instead of 400MHz and pushed the CPU bus frequency as far as I could (bumping the voltages as necessary). This helps ensure that any instability will likely be the result of the motherboard itself and not the RAM or CPU.

Abit AG8 Review

I was able to push the clock frequency up to 261MHz for an incredible 1044MHz bus frequency. It’s a bit short of the 1066MHz I was hoping for, but if I were using an ATA100/133 drive instead of SATA, I’m sure I would have had better success.  SATA is tied to the clock frequency, thus overclocking will increase the frequency of these components as well (i.e. there is no SATA "frequency lock").

So far the ABIT AG8 is the best overclocking Intel 915P we have tested here on PC Perspective! A 261MHz overclock is amazing and I’m sure it can go further given better cooling and if I weren’t using SATA.

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