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Fanless PSU Roundup

Date: 2005-3-8

   With processors being pushed harder every year there is always a focus on better cooling for these heat producing products. Larger, faster fans go hand in hand with more powerful cooling but wi...

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One of the best part about doing a power supply roundup is the installation process- it only took about a minute to install a PSU in our test system. The only PSU that took a little maneuvering was the Thermaltake due to the external heatpipes, but this was not that hard- the CPU did not even have to be removed. All the PSUs are ATX compatible so there were no issues with the case or motherboard.

Asus P4P800 SE, Intel 2.8C, PowerColor Radeon 9250, 2x512 Mushkin PC3700, stock Intel CPU cooler, 120GB Maxtor HDD, one 80mm intake fan, one 80mm exhaust fan

Fanless PSU Roundup

Fanless PSU Roundup


Fanless PSU Roundup


Fanless PSU Roundup


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