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Fanless PSU Roundup

Date: 2005-3-8

   With processors being pushed harder every year there is always a focus on better cooling for these heat producing products. Larger, faster fans go hand in hand with more powerful cooling but wi...

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Coolmax CF-400 400W Fanless Power Supply continued...

Fanless PSU Roundup

After examining the PSU for a few minutes I was about to take it apart an get a look at the insides but then I noticed that the aluminum exterior is actually a chassis which holds the internals and has a plate screwed onto each end. In order to get at the insides a lot of this power supply needs to be taken apart, much more than I would like to do before even installing it in a computer!

Fanless PSU Roundup

Only the wiring on the 20-pin connection is sleeved, the rest of the wires are just floating around, loosely organized. This is a bit of a disappointment considering the price of this power supply. Sleeving is a great feature, especially if you have a case window. The connections are:

One 20-pin mainboard (20-pin to 24-pin converter included)
One 4-pin +12V P4 mainboard (4-pin to 8-pin converter included)
Six 4-pin Molex
One 4-pin FDD
One 6-pin AUX

Fanless PSU Roundup

Even though this PSU has a few disappointing features it looks like it could be a pretty solid product. It certainly has the power to do the job, all the amp ratings were on par with what we would expect and judging from the weight of the power supply, its heatsinks would be enough to be able to handle fanless operation and not blow up. In addition it is the only 400W PSU in the test, the rest are 350w or less, so it has that going or it...

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