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Fanless PSU Roundup

Date: 2005-3-8

   With processors being pushed harder every year there is always a focus on better cooling for these heat producing products. Larger, faster fans go hand in hand with more powerful cooling but wi...

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Antec Pantom 350 Power Supply
Price: $149.99

For a few some time now this has been the enthusiast's pick among the fanless power supplies. Though a bit on the pricey side, the Phantom is not completely unlike the others in the roundup, but it does have a number of things going for it. One of the foremost of these is the Antec brand name, one which has been synonymous with PSU quality and innovation for a long time. In addition to proven performance and brand loyalty this PSU has a high efficiency rating (at least 85% at full load), a thick, tank-like exterior, and a few other great features.

 Fanless PSU Roundup

The Phantom arrived in a box, inside of which was the PSU encased in soft foam. This packaging was just like Thermaltake's and is the best way to ship a PSU, especially as fanless one, which has many aluminum fins on the outside. The aluminum fins completely cover the PSU's exterior, to a much higher extent than the previous two units and should do a great job of keeping the internals cool. The thick aluminum exterior is expertly crafted and explains the extra cost of this unit. Be careful though, some of the corners of the fins are quite sharp.

Fanless PSU Roundup

Here are the PSU's specs:

Fanless PSU Roundup

So everything looks good so far. Everything is in order- the PSU is sufficiently powerful, it is efficient, is has SATA and even a PCIe power connector!

Fanless PSU Roundup

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