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Fanless PSU Roundup

Date: 2005-3-8

   With processors being pushed harder every year there is always a focus on better cooling for these heat producing products. Larger, faster fans go hand in hand with more powerful cooling but wi...

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Thermaltake PurePower 350W Fanless (W0029)
Price: $129.00

One of the most popular fanless power supplies on the market, the Thermaltake PurePower 350W uses heatpipes to ensure proper cooling. These heatpipes allow the heat to leave the power supply via two sets of copper fins that are on the outside of the cooler, one of which is actually outside of the case. The combination of heatpipes and a vented, extruded aluminum housing is enough to cool this 0db PSU without the aid of fans.

 Fanless PSU Roundup

The model we are testing is the W0029, its only difference from the more expensive W0050 is the lack of an Active PFC. It does have lots of other features that help justify its cost. Aside from its 0db operation, it has extras like Intelligent Cable Management, dual SATA connectors, and fully sleeved cables plus all the stuff you would normally expect, like themal overload, short circuit, current overload, and over-voltage protection.

Fanless PSU Roundup

Though the PSU has cooling structures sticking out of each end it should have not problem fitting in a standard ATX case. With the larger of the two sets of fins sticking out the back of the case a good amount of the heat should be able to leave your enclosure, as opposed to staying the case. This could be a space issue for some people, as the rear piece juts out about three inches, but this should not really be a problem that cannot be solved with a little repositioning.

Fanless PSU Roundup

The cooling fins on the back are protected by a hefty piece of alumunim so don't worry about bending them during installtion. This piece did make it a bit harder to position the cooler while sliding it into our case, but if the motherboard is removed, like it should be, there is nothing to worry about.

Fanless PSU Roundup

The fins on the other side are inside the case, but they are much smaller so it should not be much of an issue. If you have a top vent on your case this would be a good way to remove the added heat in your enclosure, but many cases do not use top vents. During operation the fins get pretty warm, but not really hot enough to damage cables or significantly warm the rest of the enclosure.

The PurePower's connectors are:
One 20-pin ATX
One 4-pin +12V Power
Nine 4-pin Peripheral Power (Molex)
Two Floppy Drive

This PSU does not have PCIe power connections or a 24-pin motherboard connector so it is probably not the ideal choice for a PCIe motherboard.

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